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Raising funds for Sophia and her beautiful whanau.

Cause page created in the Health category by JULIE WILKES for Sophia Perera

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Supporting Sophia through every way possible in fighting this unfathomable battle against terminal cancer.

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Sophia is one of the most beautiful people I know, both inside and out. She tragically lost her beautiful angel Valentina Grace in November 2014 in a tragic accident at only three years old. She and her husband Cam were blessed with another beautiful daughter Augustina Gabrielle Rose in 2016 who is due to start school in the New Year.

Unfortunately, she has recently been dealt another devastating life blow, when in September she was diagnosed with an extremely rare and advanced, high grade tumour in her stomach that sadly has a low chance of being cured. She has been undergoing chemotherapy for the last two months coping with the terrible side effects in an attempt to shrink the tumour, so myself, along with all of her friends have been trying to find a way to make her life even that little bit more manageable.

After four rounds of chemo, the worry is the chemo will no longer be effective, so in an attempt to remove part of the tumour, Sophia is due to undergo major life changing surgery just before Christmas which includes removing part of her bowel with the hopes that this will prolong her life. Following the surgery, she will then be at home for a significant period recuperating.

The easiest thing we can all do for Sophia and her family is to help contribute to the huge, ongoing costs of living with cancer and any remaining time she may have. Money is a stress that is not necessary when there is enough to worry about already. Unfortunately, the costs associated with Cancer can mount up and include emotional support; integrative doctors; nutritional supplements; alternative health treatments, and many other factors such as loss of income.

Any financial support makes a difference and Sophia has been overwhelmed by the community outpouring of love and support so far. Please help support this beautiful family through another life changing battle by easing some of the financial burden of cancer.

Please give generously and share near and far to help this lovely lady with a donation no matter large or small.

Monies raised will go towards the daily operation of life for her and her family, any alternative natural health treatments as well as potential offshore treatment.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing love and support of this beautiful family XXXX

Use of funds

Monies raised will go towards the daily operation of life for her and her family in the time she has left, providing for her daughter's future and security as well as being able to travel in between chemo treatments when possible to create memories with her family for her daughter to cherish when she has gone. In addition, Sophia would love to start ticking things off her bucket list, as unfortunately the cancer is still terminal. Immunotherapy will hopefully just buy her more time.

Please visit the Facebook Group that has been created to further raise funds.....

JULIE WILKES' involvement (page creator)

I am a just friend who would like to try to help a friend and her whanau get through yet another tough time.

Use of funds

Monies raised will go towards the daily operation of life for her and her family as well as potential offshore treatment.

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Update!  27 May 2021


Hi all - just a quick update to let you all know that it has just been brought to our attention that the page was closed for two days as the givealittle end date passed by without me realising it!! Entirely my fault but we are now still trying to hit our target figure.

Some of you may know that Sophia was admitted into hospital with pneumonia over the weekend but being the trooper that she is, managed to pop down to Queenstown for a couple of days thanks to the kindness of another friend. Making memories is what it's all about and you just have to grab every opportunity!

Really happy to be given the chance however to thank you all once again for your wonderful generosity.

Julie 💜

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor 1 day ago
Alana 3 days ago
You don't know me but I have read your story from a friend and my heart breaks. I am a mum. Of 3 and could not imagine what you are going through. All the best with everything, you are so beautiful with the biggest smile in all that you have been and are going through. Much love x
Quintin on 11 Jun 2021
Stay strong Sophia
Jill on 10 Jun 2021
With love
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 10 Jun 2021

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