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$2,676 of $150,000 goal
Given by 13 generous donors in around 11 months

Raising money to build a Healing Center - there, anyone can stay to receive Healing for as long as they need.



L’aura Healing was created just over two years ago by Jimmy and Laura. To us, healing is not a technique. We found who we are (and what we can do for people) through surrender. We reconnect you to who you really are by cleaning stuck energy inside you. We do this by being cable for Pure Source Energy. Blockages covering your soul, automatically come to us to be cleaned / burnt up / put in the right place. As we clean the pathway layer by layer - you receive what you individually need.

This healing is for everyone; whether you have a serious illness, big life problem, feel lost in your mind, or simply want to understand who you are and why you are here. This is for your ancestors too.

We heal via Distance, Touch or Ocean.

Many people we come across, require deeper treatment, and over time, it has become clear that we need a base - a Healing Center - where anyone can stay to receive healing for as long as they need.

More info: www.laurahealing.com

After searching for a long time, we found the perfect land to begin! There is a total of 15 are, (1are = 10x10m). We acquired a small fraction of this in 2020 (6are), using our life savings and a loan!

We are asking for your support to raise the remaining amount so we can secure the rest of the land as soon as possible and build the facilities.

The money we raise here goes towards:

- Building all facilities (earthworks, guest houses, bathrooms, healing base).

- Set up of water, electricity and gas.

- Paying our workers

- Adding on more land (which means we are able to add on guest houses as we expand over time)

Once our Healing Center is up and running, we aim to be in a position where we can offer our services on a 'donation / pay what you can' basis. We will have a range of accomodation options and will be open for day visits too. Location: Penatih, Bali. Between Ubud and Sanur.


"I was convinced of the power of this Energy after my first Touch Healing with Jimmy. They do not even advertise pain relief, however, back pain that I had been having continuously for 6 months disappeared immediately upon sitting up from the table after just one session. After doing a Private Retreat that they were extremely flexible with organizing around my time, my life has changed forever. It's not only the powerful healing Energy, but their beautiful guidance through my struggles in life, that has me feeling more balanced, open, and ready to spread my new outlooks to people at home. I will definitely be back to Bali to see them in the future and will send my family here for healing as well. The best part is, they will be with me and available to contact for years to come. Thank you both so much for finding your purpose and healing so many souls." - Amber, MA America

"Thank you to you both. Thank you first of all for acknowledging your gift and then being of service to others. For using your bodies as a vessel for healing. I am having a wave of gratitude of really clicking with the healing and growth I have had in the last year and L'aura Healing has been a major factor in this! Know that what you two do is not under appreciated! Holding space to witness my own connection / relationship to source, to heal and let go of the unnecessary. I know you two know the magnitude of what you do, but we all should be gifted with the words of knowing our impact, so with all my heart and soul, thank you." - Candice, Australia

Anyone who donates will be given a 15% discount off a Healing session - by Distance (anywhere) or In Person (NZ / Bali).

*We also keep a list of client names and anyone who makes a donation. These will be carved into a wall, to honour their part in creating it.*

If you would like to experience this healing before donating, please reach out via the website below!

Website: www.laurahealing.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/laurahealing_/

Thank you very much in advance!

Maybe we will see you there!

Laura & Jimmy

Laura Beverley's involvement (page creator)

for L'aura Healing www.laurahealing.com

Use of funds

Land, building basic facilities and accomodation for anyone to receive Healing for the body, mind and soul.

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Step by step   21 March 2021

Posted by: Laura Beverley

Step by step the healing center is growing! The structure is looking like it will be complete by April. Finishings after that.

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Latest donations

Jacqueline on 26 Mar 2021
Thank you for healing my mum, sister, Nicky and myself.
Laura Beverley

Thank you Jacqueline - I am here for you anytime! From Jimmy

Laura Beverley
Bernadette on 26 Mar 2021
Nicky friend from London.
Laura Beverley

Thank you Bernadette so much! From Jimmy

Laura Beverley
Peter on 09 Mar 2021
Best of luck with the project
Laura Beverley

Thank you so much Pete!!! Sing out anytime you want to try a session from a distance! Can't wait to see you and Nikki soon and give you a big hug - Laura

Laura Beverley
Chris on 07 Mar 2021
Peace. Love and good vibrations to you guys, best of fortune with the build! Chris Gale
Laura Beverley

Wow - thank you so very much Chris!!! Jimmy & Laura

Laura Beverley
Wez and C
Wez and C on 17 Feb 2021
A little something for your love for Edina. See you again soon Much love ❤️
Laura Beverley

Thank you so much Wes, C and Edina ♥️♥️♥️

Laura Beverley

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