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Rally behind Royal on her Road to Recovery.

on 11 Mar 2021

Michael asks

Hi there

I’m sorry to hear of your accident.

My name is Michael and I fell of my mountain bike in December 2019 which resulted in a C6 incomplete spinal cord injury. I’m sure you have lots of questions and I would to try and answer as many of those that I can. I am still learning new things about this injury every day and I would really like to pass on as much as I know




Hi Michael, thank you so much for reaching out. Im sorry to hear of your accident, I hope you are doing well.

We have so many questions, but what we have learnt is not to give up hope. I had a client of mine whos friend was a C4 incomplete Tetraplegic and amazingly enough after years of hard work he is now walking.

How have you been? have you been able to regain any mobility?

Please feel free to add Royal, her FB or Insta is called RoyalTiyarah.

Hopefully we can connect further and help support each other on this lifetime journey to recovery 😁

Take Care and stay in touch x

Renee Sciascia

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