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West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group

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Help us remove the monopoly on alcohol sales held by The Trusts of West Auckland. We need your help to organise a petition to hold a vote!

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We’re launching a petition calling for a referendum on The Trusts monopoly of alcohol sales (taverns, hotels and off-licenses) in West Auckland. (more information on the petition can be found at

A referendum will give West Aucklanders their first chance to have a democratic vote on The Trusts monopoly since 2003.

In order for the referendum to be successful, we need to gather signatures from at least 15% of the people of West Auckland (defined by the areas of the Portage Licensing Trust and Waitakere Licensing Trust).

The funding will help us make the people of West Auckland aware of the petition, the true facts and figures behind The Trusts monopoly on alcohol sales and also to help organise and run the petition itself.

It's time for West Auckland to free itself from the shackles of an archaic and out of date monopoly held by The Trusts and the inefficiencies and restrictions that the monopoly forces on the people of West Auckland. It's time to stand up and fight for what the rest of Auckland and most of New Zealand already enjoys. It's time to let West Auckland grow with great bars, vibrant entertainment areas and excellent restaurants. It's time we had the chance to vote on the continuation of the monopoly held by The Trusts. To do this, we need your support!

Use of Funds:

Funds will be used to help organise and market the petition. If the petition is successful, funds will be used to then help educate and inform the people of West Auckland about their chance to vote and the problems with the existing monopoly.

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Tristan Marris


The West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group formed in April 2018 when a group of West Auckland residents got together after discussing the issue of Licensing Trusts on social media.

The group’s purpose is to coordinate a petition, requesting that the Waitakere and Portage Licensing Trusts (“The Trusts”) hold a vote at the 2019 local body elections. The vote would decide if The Trusts should keep or lose their monopoly rights.

All funds raised benefit:

West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Tristan Marris on behalf of West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group.

“Great work guys, hopefully we can get this one over the line.”
“Hope it helps get rid of the Trusts and their dominance.”
“Be glad to get rid of this anachronistic self interested group.”
“Keep up the good work!!!”
“well done / get that maffia out / its unfortunate that the other maffia (the supermarkers will take it over). But a least its on the free market.”
“Keep up the good work!! I'm keen to help out where I can. Cheers GF”
“Great time to have a discussion over west Auckland future”
“Go hard!! Totally in support of removing the trusts.”
“C'mon peeps - a few $ every pay will help and this is absolutely worth it!”
“It's time that it's sorted for once and for all.”
  • $8,050.00 donated
  • 71 generous donors

$8,050 donated

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