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West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group

  • Update on the Petition to remove The Trusts' monopoly in West Auckland     22 June 2019
    Posted by: Tristan Marris
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    Hi everyone,

    We made a decision not to submit the petition in time for the vote to be added to the local body elections later this year.


    We are over (yes, over!) the 15,000 signatures needed for the Waitakere Licensing Trust, but we need to be sure that enough of the signatures are valid (i.e. address matches the electoral roll). To be safe, we think we need another 5,000 signatures on top of what we have now.

    Where to from here?

    After a few days rest and a regroup, we’ve made a plan and set a new target to submit the petition by September 30.

    There’s no question there’s sufficient appetite for a vote in West Auckland. The challenge is one of resources and access to busy locations for collecting signatures. If Countdown had allowed us access, the petition would have been complete many months ago.

    So, where to from here and how can you help?

    --> DONATE. We’re going to need more $$$ to keep things going and to enable us to collect those signatures. Donate here 👉

    --> UPDATE your details on the electoral roll. Please sign again if your have moved house to make sure your details match the electoral roll. Update the electoral roll here 👉

    --> GET MORE SIGNATURES. Get everyone you know to sign and tell them to ensure their details are up to date. Sign here 👉

    Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far. We’re so close. This is going to happen! ✊

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  • We Need Your Help     31 March 2019
    Posted by: Tristan Marris

    We're about halfway to our signature target but need an additional 15,000 signatures.

    Our deadline is 14th June to make the referendum happen with this year's local body elections.

    Without the signatures, we don’t get to vote.

    Without your help, we won’t get the signatures.

    You can help us by:

    1. Providing an additional donation to our Givealittle page ( We'll use the money for advertising and to pay people to help collect signatures

    2. Volunteering your time to help collect signatures with us

    We think we'll need about $8,000 and 250 hours of volunteer time to get the job done.

    If West Auckland wants the chance to vote in October 2019, we need to reach our goal in the next 12 weeks.

    Please do what you can to help, TODAY.

    West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group (WALTAG)

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  • 12,000 Signatures or 43% of Target reached to date...     21 December 2018
    Posted by: Tristan Marris
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    With very limited resources and a team consisting of community members giving up their spare time, we're going to end the year with approximately 12,000 signatures or 43% of the amount needed to force a vote on The Trusts' monopoly over West Auckland. Not bad for a bunch of working Mums, Dads and other time-poor members of West Auckland.

    The reality is if we had more people and money for signature collection, marketing and promotion (as well as access to Countdown supermarkets!), we'd be able to get this done in a third of the time. The community wants change. That is clear. Unfortunately, the reality is, we have to work within our means.

    As this campaign is by no means finished, we're extending the time that our Givealittle page will be up and will be hoping for more donations from the people of West Auckland to help us to carry on the fight into the new year.

    In the meantime, we'll be taking a short breather for a week or two, will probably buy some overpriced alcohol and visit some average bars out West.

    From all of us at WALTAG, have a safe Xmas and a big thanks for your support to date. Without you, we wouldn't have got this far and if you do feel like making another donation, it would be greatly received.

    West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group



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  • Off to a good start!      27 October 2018
    Posted by: Tristan Marris
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    With little resources at our disposal, we're definitely making an impact and now have over 33% of the signatures we need to force a vote on The Trusts' monopoly. All of this done with our tribe of volunteers and supporters like you.

    The support from the community has been massive indicating that West Auckland really does want change. We've still got a long way to go thou but we're well on our way! Many thanks to those of you that have given a donation. Without you, we couldn't make it happen.

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