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Replacement Rescue Vessel Campaign - Coastguard Nelson

  • Making Headway      1 March 2019
    Posted by: James Perham
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    The funding of a new Coastguard Rescue Vessel to serve the Tasman and Golden Bay region is a major undertaking for all involved, including the wider community – Nelson Volunteer Coastguard is seeking to raise $1.3million to fund the project. It is anticipated that it will take up to 2 years of effort, via a range of initiatives, to source the necessary money to allow the project to proceed.  In the interim, a suitable vessel design has been finalised and a local builder identified.  The build period of the new Rescue Vessel project will commence as soon as the necessary funding has been committed. The specifics of the project remain unchanged.  Since the project was launched, construction details for the new Rescue Vessel have been finalised and close to 25% of the required funding has been raised.  Focus for the coming 12 months is raising the balance of the funding.

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  • Campaign Launch     14 May 2018
    Posted by: James Perham
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    Our campaign for Coastguard Nelson's Replacement Rescue Vessel has now officially been launched last night at Hopgoods restaurant, with local Councilors, Member of Parliament, and business people from around the region in attendance.

    This is the beginning of a big project for the Coastguard Nelson volunteers, but the replacement vessel will serve the community for the 20+ years into the future for the Nelson, Tasman, and Golden Bays boaties & everyone out on the water.

    Stay tuned for more updates coming soon about the campaign.

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