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Finding Rhys

  • This page is now closed.

      15 October 2016

    This page will now be closed and removed from the givealittle search engine. We want to say a big thanks to all those who got behind it from the beginning and shared, donated and helped get it going. The generosity was phenomenal and humbling.

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  • Thanks from the Cochrane family

      23 September 2016
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    To all the amazing, loving, caring, beautiful people that have kindly donated to this page

    We have been truly overwhelmed by all the love, support and generosity over this sad time, it was such a shock for our wee family with the tragic loss of our beautiful son and brother, Rhys, while he was overseas. We feel so lucky that we were able to bring him back home to Hahei New Zealand, where he can stay now. It was truly the only place he ever wanted to live.

    It’s been very humbling for us to receive such amazing support from so many people, we love you all and would like to thank everyone personally but cannot at the moment.

    Please accept our heartfelt thanks

    Love you all

    Wendy Russ Josh & Ryan Cochrane / Helms

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  • Service for Rhys

      14 September 2016

    There will be a service held for Rhys this Saturday (17 Sept) at the Hahei Holiday Resort from 1pm. All are welcome.

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  • Thanks from the Cochrane family

      2 September 2016

    Rhys's family have been blown away and humbled by the overwhelming generosity and support from everyone. They want to give a huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped them during this rough time with their overwhelming support and love. Rhys has an amazing group of friends and they thank you all.

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  • Rhys's body has been found

      2 September 2016

    Rhys's body was found a few hours ago.

    We don't have many details and are waiting to hear from his family.

    Thank you all for the generous support, it's been phenomenal to see.

    At this point this page will stay live, with all funds being available to Rhys's family to cover whatever costs may still come up.

    We will post another update as we find out more.

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