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Richie Hadlow for Commonwealth Gold 2018

  • Commonwealth Games - April 2018

      23 February 2018
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    After a grueling,long qualification process I have been selected to represent New Zealand over at C.W.G. in the Gold Coast.

    The NZ Boxing squad requires the athlete to 100% fund a multi nation training camp from March 15th-26th in Canberra, Australia.

    This camp will offer great opportunity and be the perfect final touch to our preparation.

    I am very grateful for any funds donated to help me on my mission.

    Please watch and enjoy my final qualification test match.

    Yours faithfully,

    Richie 'The Hatchet' Hadlow

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  • Colorado Camp - January 2018

      6 December 2017
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    As part of the New Zealand Podium Squad I have been invited to attend an intensive training camp in Colorado Springs from the 9th-21st Jan 2018 and I will be fighting in Houston on the 23rd.

    The camp is a collaborative skills based camp with team USA, Great Britain and the national Polish team. The potential to hone skills by training with the best in the world will be very valuable heading towards CWG 2018.

    However funding is not guaranteed from NZ sport for boxing's preparation this year and this trip will be costing around $6000 NZD

    Please help me fund this trip to improve my skills and learn from some of boxing finest fighters - Any contribution will get me that one step closer to GOLD!

    Thank you for your love and support! Watch my most recent bout on the youtube link provided.

    Kind regards

    Richie 'The Hatchet' Hadlow

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  • June - 2017 Oceania Champion!

      12 October 2017
    Main image

    Check out my final bout at 1:30:00

    This was the first of two 'A selection events' to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games 2018.

    Stay tuned on my instagram @richiehadlow for updated for the final 'A selection event' happening in Auckland's ABA stadium on the 9th December, this will be a Trans-Tasman challenge between the Australian team and New Zealand!

    Tickets available at

    Thanks for your support! :)

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