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Greenhithe, Auckland

This beautiful 23 year old girl is Casey Hodgkinson. Casey is going to need lots of medical and day to day help to get her back on the road to recovery. This give a little page is set up to help them with all the costs involved, such a specialist appointments home care and rehabilitation. Casey's partner has been taking care of her full time but needs to go back to work in order to cover living expenses. Caseys Mum my new beauitful friend has four daughters and lost her husband to cancer and is fighting her hardest to get her daughter the help she needs. With the love and help of her friends and New Zealanders, who would like to offer some help.


I'm done being silent!

I've recently been dealing with horrible side effects which started after the Covid Vaccine..

I have on going muscle spams and what the Doctors are referring as Tics. I get bad episodes where my body convulses for ages.. I cant control the tics. . I also get vocal tics, and all over body tics.. and I can hardly walk now. . . I cant drive.. nor work.. which is why I got the Vaccine. So I could work!!.. and now a lot of things have been taken away.. a lot of doors maybe closed for good..

I've been dealing with it a few weeks now. With no show of it stopping.

I do not judge anyone.. let me repeat.. I do not judge "Anyones Choice". You can be anti-Vax or stand with the Vax and I'll still support you..

I do not want to change your opinion. I only Want people to know my story. And what I've been through.



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Update 23/11/2021  23 November 2021

Posted by: Givealittle

Thank you all for donating to support Casey.

There have been some amendments to the content on the page to give clarification on some points. Casey’s symptoms did start after receiving the covid vaccine however her doctors have not yet conclusively determined if all her symptoms are a reaction to the vaccine or not - it was previously stated on the page that doctors had confirmed this. Casey is currently working with medical professionals through this process.

Casey has also clarified her employer did not require vaccination which may have been implied on the page, however she felt that in order to secure her job, considered an essential service at the time, she would need to be vaccinated.

This update is being made to provide transparency to donors and as with any page update, should you wish to receive a refund given this information, please contact by 28th November.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor 6 days ago
Adam 7 days ago
Peter on 12 Jan 2022
I cry every time I see this Casey :-( As often as I can I speak to people about what has happened to you... <3
James on 06 Jan 2022
John on 06 Jan 2022
God bless you and heal you Casey !

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