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Road to Recovery

on 11 Dec 2021

Kassandra asks

Hi I’m writing on behalf of Kassandra hey. She is 27 and she been completely healthy her whole life. On Tuesday this week She had a stroke. The doctors can not figure it out and We are certain it is from the vaccine. Coming across Casey’s story has just broken out heart and was really wondering Is there a way We can contact you guys or anyone can contact my family to maybe exchange some information. Im so sorry for everything happening to Casey I can understand this is such a scary time.

Sending so much love.


Im so sorry to hear this. Please contact Casey's mum direct Anna Hodgkinson via Facebook. Best of luck

Kellie Lodge
on 10 Nov 2021

Nicola asks

Hi Kellie

I would like to donate my professional services (healing) for Casey

I have over 30 years experience as a healer and many great results over the years along with some positive results with the vax injured in the past few months. I would love to have the opportunity to assist this dear one. I can work remotely with her using chi healing (based on advanced TCM)

My website


Nicola Godward


That would b amazing thank you so much. I have left u a message on yr mobile with my contact details. Much appreciated

Kellie Lodge

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