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Roland Matthews goes to Moscow for Multiple Sclerosis treatment

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Roland Matthews has advanced Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. This cause is to raise funds for his stem cell treatment in Moscow.

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Disability Rehabilitation

Thank you for reading this "give a little" request. We are the family of a very caring, fun and determined man, Roland Matthews, the father of our gorgeous, smart and sprightly girl Isabella (5).

Roland is 47 and has Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS). He needs expensive medical treatment to give him a better future with his active wife Andrea, and delightful five year old daughter Isabella. He can no longer, because of the many physical consequences of the disease, take part in even simple family pleasures such as taking Isabella to school, swimming lessons and walking the dogs.

Roland is highly determined. At no point in his life, even after the diagnosis with MS, has he stopped striving to achieve his goals. Roland has a degree in Technology, Diploma in Business Studies and Post Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics. He has had a successful career designing products for Fisher and Paykel in Auckland and Talbot Technologies in Christchurch, including two patents, one being the well-known and highly used ‘Doofer’ (Hamburger Holder). He is now working full time for Technix Bitumen Technologies in New Plymouth.

Having been a highly successful sportsman, he has determinedly continued his physical activities, but is now struggling physically and emotionally with the realisation that they are no longer possible.

The first symptom of his MS appeared in 1992 when he was skiing for New Zealand eventually representing the country in the World Cup. It was not till 2000 that he was diagnosed as having Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS). Over the past twelve years his condition has steadily become worse with the transition to SPMS in 2005, and he is now confined to a wheelchair. He feels fortunate that he has managed 22 marvelous years managing the disease before rapidly progressing to his current state.

The only hope for Roland to stop his steady downwards progression is HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Treatment), which is being performed in Moscow by Dr Fedorenko of the National Pirogov Medical Surgical Centre. This operation first harvests Roland's stem cells then treats, freezes and stores them. Then after undergoing chemotherapy to destroy his immune system, the stem cells are reintroduced and he spends two weeks in isolation while his immune system reboots. The majority of Fedorenko’s patients have reduced symptoms and improved mobility, many walking and working again after being wheelchair bound. This operation is not proven to be a cure (only time will tell), but has helped a high percentage of Dr Fedorenko’ s patients, (including other New Zealanders) recover to live significantly more energetic lives, which is what Roland desperately wants.

Unfortunately medical expenses and associated costs (travel) will cost in excess of $95,000. It is hard for us to ask for help, as Roland, being an inventive, creative and autonomous person, has always been proud of achieving his goals. But he is no longer able to do this without help. So on his behalf we are asking for your support in helping him attain his goal of again participating fully in life and enjoying his family and friends.

Please, no contribution is too small, and we thank you in advance for your contribution.

Any excess funds to the costs of the procedure, and associated costs will be donated to the MS Society for the next person seeking funds, in order to undergo the same procedure.

Thank You

Use of Funds:

Funds will be used for: Roland's HSCT treatment, Travel expenses, Family support expenses, Lost wages for living expenses, Fundraising for other people with SPMS

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Roland Matthews



Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Roland Matthews.

  • $53,254.00 donated
  • 168 generous donors

$53,254 donated



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