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Running for a reason

  • Thank you all so much ...

      9 November 2020
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    Kia ora everyone.

    Thank you so much for the incredible donations. I was blown away by how generous the extended friends and family networks are - both my own and Ken's. We had to increase the goal from the original $2,000 up to $3,000 because you were all so generous.

    Ken's speedy achievement of 58mins for the 11km traverse was impressive, and deserves a round of applause! I can assure you he was impressively sweaty after he finished ... I'll see if there's photographic evidence ;-).

    Personally, the half marathon was an epic challenge. I was so proud to finish in 2h 24 mins, even though that's a plodding pace. It was my pace, and I kept it up despite the heat, knowing I had support from all over the world. Arohanui to all my friends & family for backing me, even those of you that I'm hopelessly out of touch with!!

    There's no photo of me at the finish line, as I think my family thought it would take me much, much longer to finish! And there's no selfie because I forgot to take my phone with me when I left home at 5.30am. Turns out it's not the best race prep to go out for dinner and a movie and come home late the night before a half marathon. Who knew?!?!? So there's just one pic of me with my medal to prove I crossed the finish line ...

    Thanks to all of you for helping Ken and I to make a real difference for neuroendocrine cancer patients - your amazing contribution will help to support the work of the Unicorn Foundation.



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  • Wow ... thanks everyone.

      29 October 2020

    I've just increased our goal to $3K as we've raised nearly $2K in less than 12 hours. You all rock....

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