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Ken and Michelle are both running to support neuroendocrine cancer patients and the Unicorn Foundation NZ. Run with us, or donate now!


Neuroendocrine cancer is found almost anywhere in the body, it’s complex to treat, and no two patients have the same symptoms. Everyday another Kiwi gets diagnosed and Unicorn Foundation NZ is dedicated to supporting patients, advocating for better treatment, promoting research and increasing awareness.

Neuroendocrine cancers can cause a wide variety of symptoms that are often mistaken for other, more common conditions like digestive disorders. That means diagnosis can takes years, and sadly more than half of all New Zealand patients have metastases by the time they are diagnosed. Such cases can rarely be cured, although the symptoms can often be managed successfully for a number of years.

The Unicorn Foundation NZ’s mission is to support patients and their families. One of their goals is to increase the level of practical support for patients, based on a recent survey that showed 71% of patients need more information and support with the daily reality of living with neuroendocrine cancer. To help Unicorn Foundation NZ meet this huge need, we’re running for a reason. By donating to us, you’ll help provide essential funding for a patient database that will mean the specialist nurses can provide a programme of personalised, ongoing support for New Zealanders living with neuroendocrine cancer. Please dig deep and help us to support Unicorn Foundation NZ to do what it does best – help neuroendocrine cancer patients live their best lives.

About us

Neuroendocrine Cancer NZ (formerly Unicorn Foundation NZ) is a registered charity provides support and information to patients, families and medical professionals involved in the treatment for Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET Cancer).

Use of funds

The funding will be invested in a patient database so that Unicorn Foundation NZ's specialist nurses can provide a programme of personalised, ongoing support for Kiwis living with neuroendocrine cancer.

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Thank you all so much ...   9 November 2020

Kia ora everyone.

Thank you so much for the incredible donations. I was blown away by how generous the extended friends and family networks are - both my own and Ken's. We had to increase the goal from the original $2,000 up to $3,000 because you were all so generous.

Ken's speedy achievement of 58mins for the 11km traverse was impressive, and deserves a round of applause! I can assure you he was impressively sweaty after he finished ... I'll see if there's photographic evidence ;-).

Personally, the half marathon was an epic challenge. I was so proud to finish in 2h 24 mins, even though that's a plodding pace. It was my pace, and I kept it up despite the heat, knowing I had support from all over the world. Arohanui to all my friends & family for backing me, even those of you that I'm hopelessly out of touch with!!

There's no photo of me at the finish line, as I think my family thought it would take me much, much longer to finish! And there's no selfie because I forgot to take my phone with me when I left home at 5.30am. Turns out it's not the best race prep to go out for dinner and a movie and come home late the night before a half marathon. Who knew?!?!? So there's just one pic of me with my medal to prove I crossed the finish line ...

Thanks to all of you for helping Ken and I to make a real difference for neuroendocrine cancer patients - your amazing contribution will help to support the work of the Unicorn Foundation.



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Latest donations

Sabrina on 17 Nov 2020
Sorry about the delay in getting this to you. Am so very proud of you and what an inspiration! I've been running 5K 2/3 times a week since our first lockdown in March so I've some idea as to just how hard a half marathon is. Go girl! Love Sab xx
Emma on 12 Nov 2020
I saw that you were less than $30 away from your goal so I just had to donate! Congratulations!
Melina on 11 Nov 2020
Well done Ken!
Aabha on 05 Nov 2020
Run for NETs Ken!
Milo on 05 Nov 2020

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