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Samuel's bucketlist dreams

  • Queenstown trip

      29 June 2021

    We are planning a trip to Queenstown and why we are down there we are going to try and tick off some more things we may also travel slightly more to make sure we achieve it we are also hiring a van as our own van dosnt have luggage room etc and we will be making sure he gets his helicopter ride 😀thanks all who have donated so far its been amazing doing it all so far

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  • Dream update

      17 June 2021
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    We are completely blown away by the support we have received from everyone

    We are currently working on a family trip to Queenstown and will be hiring a van so we can travel comfortably with the kids.

    Sam has a few snow experiences caming up and they are all different in some way and as we know it's not something we can do next winter we are going to let him experience every chance we can.

    Thank you again everyone who has donated or given once in a lifetime opportunities it wouldn't of been possible if it wasn't for you 😊

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  • Update

      12 June 2021

    Any extra money raised that's not used for making sam dreams came true will be put aside for hospital stays and anything else that will came up that sam may want to do or came up over time

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  • Thank you

      10 June 2021
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    Thank you so much to the people who have made so much dreams come true for our boy so far he has had a ferris wheel ride and a ride in a race car and been in a lamborghini and McClaren and been for an amazing tour of orana Park and a few other things ❤

    Sam has plenty of other things he wants to do which he will get the opportunity to do once it's all worked out

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  • Amazing support

      8 June 2021

    Thank you so much for all the offers of making sam dreams came true definitely meet some amazing people in the last few weeks. Sam hasn't stopped talking about everything so far definitely has a passion for fast cars and motorsport developing more and more 😀.

    Everything raised will go towards making every opportunity and memory possible we can and will use it for any equipment we may need that's not funded. Thanks again everyone so far that has donated or given or going to give our boy some amazing experiences.

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  • Thank you

      28 May 2021

    Thank you so much to everyone who has donated weither it be money or experiences for our boy.

    We have had multiple lamborghini rides which he is going to enjoy everyone of them as sam is totally a lamborghinis fan.

    We have had a couple of holiday homes offered in different locations which he and us will enjoy he loves going to new places.

    He has been offered a couple of snow opertunities which he will enjoy.

    And many of car experiences which he is looking forward to

    And many other experiences that he is going to love Thank you again and feel free to follow his journey on @samuelsjourneywithdmd

    Orn facebook

    Can't wait to give him all this and more

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  • Thank you

      28 May 2021

    Thanks to all who have donated so far with this money we will definitely be making as many of his dreams come true and more

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    • 28/05/2021 by Lisa

      Hi Angela, we might be able to help with the fast cars 🚗😀. Let me know if you would like to chat. Lisa

    • 28/05/2021 by Jared

      Hi Angela, please call me on 0272264453 asap regarding a snow experience. Cheers, Jared