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Samuel's bucketlist dreams

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Samuel is a 8yr old boy who has a severe version of dmd and has progressive deteration from it.

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Our 8yr old Samuel was born with a terminal illness called duchenne muscular dystrophy and as time has passed we have learnt that sam has a severe version of dmd and so we are really wanting to make sure sam has every opportunity to make his dreams come true. As we are a single income family this can be difficult.

Why is Samuel different to other Duchenne boys, most are not in wheelchairs until their teens. Samuel has a form that is fast tracking his decline and he is now under palliative care. Time is not on our side, please help us if you can, we are truly living the unimaginable.

Samuel is 8yrs old and has dmd, and lost the ability to walk over a year ago now and is now losing the ability to sit up at all.

Sam has been using a bipap machine at night since age of 4yrs old.

Sam is tube feed and has been since age of 2yrs old.

Sam has severe fatigue due to dmd which means he sometimes doesn't even do full weeks of school due to it.

Sam has bowel problems and this is all linked to the deterioration of his muscles and this will not get better it will continue to deteriorate, his arms are also detrated and is loosing the ability to lift them up.

His bucketlist dreams are things like

A white Christmas

Ride a ferris wheel

Play some arcade games

A train ride through the mountains

Have a real camping experience

Travel to some new places he hasn't been yet

Ride in a helicopter

See some fast cars

Go to the race car events

Visit as many animal places he can

And what ever other dreams he wants

We have another Givealittle page here:

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Angela Ward's involvement (page creator)

Samuel is our dmd hero and we will do everything possible to make as many of his dreams come true

Use of funds

A white Christmas

Ride a ferris wheel

A train ride through the mountain

real camping experience


See fast cars

Go to the race car

Visit many animal places

Any extra will go into savings for when he is in hospital etc

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Dream update  17 June 2021

Posted by: Angela Ward

We are completely blown away by the support we have received from everyone

We are currently working on a family trip to Queenstown and will be hiring a van so we can travel comfortably with the kids.

Sam has a few snow experiences caming up and they are all different in some way and as we know it's not something we can do next winter we are going to let him experience every chance we can.

Thank you again everyone who has donated or given once in a lifetime opportunities it wouldn't of been possible if it wasn't for you 😊

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor 1 day ago
Gleny 3 days ago
Enjoy every minute of every day Sam, have lots of fun and lots of laughter with your family and friends, we all care for you Sam, even if we don't really know you XX
Kylie 4 days ago
Have the best time in Queenstown 😍
Karen 4 days ago
Dear Sam, we really hope you have a wonderful time in Queenstown from the Harman family in Queenstown
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 7 days ago

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