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Help save Borland Lodge

  • billroxburgh

    Tony asks


    I have been a long term supporter of Borland Lodge and wish to know why you need 50k to survive?

    Your website is not working so I cannot correspond through here, is it just cash you need or help with maintenance etc. I would be keen to hear as I would like to help.

    Kind Regards

    Bill Roxburgh

    on 10 May 2020

    • Borland Lodge Adventure and Education Trust

      Borland Lodge Adventure and Education Trust

      Hi Bill.

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      We remain very lucky to have good support for projects and maintenance from the community.

      Due to closing, we have missed out on the revenue we rely on to carry us through the winter - with fixed costs (e.g. insurance) still needing to be paid we are hoping to raise funds to allow the lodge to survive until some sense of normality resumes. We hope this will be before the upcoming season!


      The Borland Team

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