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It's Not Over! #SaveOurKauri #KeepAwhiAwhiStanding

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Having survived ringbarking, been named Awhi Awhi by Mana Whenua, this Kauri tree in Titirangi is under threat again.

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This iconic Kauri tree in Titirangi Auckland that has become a powerful symbol of our love for all Kauri, is under threat again - having survived ringbarking, has been named Awhi Awhi by Mana Whenua.

On the morning of the first day of Michael Tavares residing with our Kauri, Christopher Pairama of the Te Taou e Ngati Whaatua, together with Hori Parata e Ngati Wai, enacted karakia to allow Te Atua to place a tapu, spiritual protection, over Awhi Awhi, at Paturoa Road Titirangi whilst standing in reverence beneath the Kauri.

It’s been three and a half years since over 26,000 people signed a petition and Michael Tavares and then Johno Smith climbed Awhi Awhi to prevent her from being felled.

The Environment Court ruled last week that this "remarkable" tree can be cut down by the developers as soon as 26 April 2019. This has been a multi-year court battle but we are not giving up.

We are calling on Mayor Phil Goff and the Auckland Council to reinstate the Significant Ecological Area (SEA) to protect Awhi Awhi as well as two more equally mature Kauri on the public road reserve.

We need your help to grow our funds for the next steps in the campaign. We will explore all options some of which, including legal options, can be costly.

Every contribution counts, together we can #SaveOurKauri and #SaveAwhiAwhi

Photo credit: Elton McAleer, taken from public Road Reserve.

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Campaigning costs such as Social Media and flyer promotion, design costs for artist, video, and photo content.

Associated legal costs to appeal to recent Environment Court Decision, Injunction such as Legal Expert in RMA law to advise on Law Change, Expert Witnesses.

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Save Our Kauri Trust is a registered charity formed to work for the preservation of Kauri. The Paturoa Kauri protests alerted a nation to the threat our national Taonga face.

“The felling of healthy kauri must end.”
“Hope this helps!”
“Show some fortitude Auckland Council and stop bowing to money.”
“Still standing, still fighting. Kia Kaha.”
“Thank you SaveOurKauri for all the tenacious work you do to save the Magnificent, majestic Beast of Beauty. Great idea to givealittle and I will contribute more when ever I can.. much love and thanks Fx”
“Cutting down this precious tree is Ecological Vandalism.”
“The law has failed this tree, and New Zealanders - past, present and future. It is part of the Gondwanaland legacy New Zealanders are responsible for keeping safe for the whole world. I think as stewards New Zealanders have a responsibility to fight for it, and get adequate protections and cultural respect in put in place.”
“Wish I lived closer to be able to do more.”
“I have heard whispers about this Kauri for a while now and think the current outcome is just so sad. I truly hope the human species can be better than this and those of us who think about more than our own existence can get this decision changed.”
  • $1,995.00 donated
  • 73 generous donors

$1,995 donated

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