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Life should not end at 24!! Sally has been battling cancer for over 4 years and she needs help towards treatment costs.

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Current situation:

Sally is currently seeking to have a PD1 immunotherapy treatment called pembrolizumab which has been quoted $8140.60 per treatment. Treatment is given every 3 weeks. The total treatment required is unknown as some patients only require treatment for a year where as some have been on treatment for 2 or more years.

Background Story:

Sally is currently 25 years old and has been battling with cancer since the age of 20. In 2011, Sally was 6 months away from graduating when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer which affect the immune system. She began her treatments with chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy.

Sally and her highschool sweetheart of 9 years thought that their lives would return to normal and that Sallys' health would be fine going forward. They planned to get married and that they would continue their lives as they had planned. Unfortunately this would not be the case as Sally relapsed shortly after, discovering that the tumors had grown at her first check up.

Since Sallys' relaspe, she has undergone multiple regimes of chemotherapy. Sally also had a Allogeniec Stemcell transplant but the cancer has remained persistent even after the transplant. She received more treatments but the cancer continued to grow and spread.

Late in 2013, Sally was offered palliative treatment as it is the only option available within the public system. Sally did not want give up so she started looking into new and novel treatments that can only be accessed privately.

In May 2014, Sally started fundraising for Brentuximab. She was quoated the cost of $150,000 for 9 treatments, with the possibility of having upto 16 treatments. With the help of her family, friends and the generous public, Sally was able to to start treatment of Brentuximab. After the first 3 treatments of Brentuximab along with Vinblastine, a scan showed that the tumour has reduced in size. Vinblastine was stopped and Brentuximab alone was used for the next 3 treatments, however it showed the disease progressed.

Sally went on to have another private drug 'Bendamustine' however the the disease progressed after the 5th treatment.

Although the news is heart breaking and upsetting, Sally is still positive and hopeful, is continuing her fight to beat cancer.

Sally and her family appreciate and is thankful for all the support and donations they have received. The road ahead will be long and challenging but there is still a lot to live for in this beautiful world and giving up is not on the to do list.

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  • $103,231.80 donated
  • 1,555 generous donors

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