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Save the Nix!

  • Thank you!

      8 November 2015

    On Friday, we passed $10,000 in donations to our campaign. Myself and the rest of the Yellow Fever crew want to thank each and every one of you for believing in what we are doing and helping us make this membership drive a success.

    Both the Phoenix and the Welnix group think this campaign is wonderful, and the Phoenix have even offered us discounted season passes. We are going to be able to supply even more charity groups around Wellington with season passes than we initially thought. We've approached an initial set of organisations, and are going to be approaching more early next week thanks to the extra donations that have come through.

    Please send an email to and suggest volunteer organisations that we can gift season passes to! As it stands, we may be able to purchase more passes than we have a home for, so the more organisations we can donate the passes to, the better.

    Here's a breakdown of the organisations that we've currently locked in, with more to come very soon:

    * SPCA (20 adult season passes)

    * Neonatel Trust (15)

    * Ronald McDonald House (20)

    * Te Omanga Hospice (30)

    At this point we've offered adult season passes, and we will add in kids memberships on a case by case basis for the recipients of season passes who wish to take kids with them.

    While buying a whole bunch of kids memberships would increase the total number of memberships bought, we thought it would be better to only buy them if they are actually going to be used on match days.

    Once again, thanks for all the support and please do email us with names of other volunteer organisations!


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