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Saving Thomas

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We are asking you to give a little to achieve a lot, to save the life of Thomas - a 6 year old boy on a remote island in Indonesia.

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As doctors we came across this Indonesian boy, with big searching eyes and what we think is a deformed heart from birth. He has been struggling for his whole short life of six years, for a breath. How could we not do something?

We were lucky to have Dr Caroline Meadows on board, a paediatrician from Northland. Her provisional diagnosis is congenital heart disease which is now causing heart failure. We estimate that without surgical intervention Thomas will die within 6 to 12 months. It could be a lot quicker if he gets an infection. You can see from the video how unwell he is but looking in his eyes he has hope.

Thomas has been through two hospitals on his way to get more medical specialist help, he has had two blood transfusions and sadly lost his mother through our journey to help him.

The doctor looking after Thomas has let us know we need a portable echocardiogram machine so that can diagnose heart conditions to take to Waisai Hospital and run a clinic, so we can help other children as well as Thomas. If you know someone or can help let us know. The good news is that Thomas is gaining weight, it is too difficult to get him to Jakarta now that his mother has died, so we need to get the machine to him, and also help diagnose other Children.

Thomas is still a long way of being able to live a normal life, he needs a lot more medical attention and we ask you to please donate to help us, help him.

Please check out this short video on Seven Sharp of Thomas:

Yours faithfully

Dr Tom Mulholland

Medical Director

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Tom Mulholland


My name is Dr Tom Mulholland and I have spent my working life helping people as a doctor over the last 25 years around New Zealand and the world. . Now I am asking you to help a 6 year child in Indonesia who may need a heart operation to survive.

His name is Thomas ... I will be posting a video on my website in the next few days.

You can help us help him by donating here. Thanks so much. Dr Tom and the team.

All funds raised benefit:

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Tom Mulholland on behalf of .

  • $120.00 donated
  • 3 generous donors

$120 donated



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