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Shiloh's Heart Fund - She's a little Trooper

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Shiloh has AVSD (Atrioventricular Septal Defect). Please help Shiloh and her parents during this journey.

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Shiloh was diagnosed with AVSD a heart defect resulting in 2 holes, excess blood flow and an underdeveloped left side of her heart. This was detected at her 22 week scan. She was born by emergency c-section and in NICU for the first week of her life.

At 6 weeks Shiloh had emergency open heart surgery in Starship Hospital putting a band around her top heart valve.

Shiloh has a nasal gastric tube in which she is feed, this will be a long process as she has developed an aversion to taking food orally since her first operation. Shiloh's parents have learnt to administer Shiloh's feeds through the tube every 3 hours round the clock including replacing the nasal gastric tube every 6 weeks or as needed, themselves. This is just one of the many challenges they go through.

At 25 weeks old Shiloh stopped breathing due to spewing up thick mucus which is a hourly occurrence and her mother, Charlotte administered CPR until the emergency services arrived. Shiloh was in ED overnight and this resulted in another week in Starship Hospital having tests.

Her next open heart surgery is scheduled for the end of January 2020 where she will be 10 months old. This surgery will be her major operation where the surgeon will be repairing the two holes in her heart and making her heart into one whole chamber as the left side of her heart is too small to save.

This will not be her last operation as Shiloh may need more when she is about 3 or 4 years old.

Neil and Charlotte are Shiloh's hardworking and loving parents. Neil is a qualified builder and Charlotte was a receptionist at Juve and now fulltime mother and carer of Shiloh. They live in Gisborne.

Any support would be gratefully appreciated in helping with medical and pharmaceutical bills, travel costs, accommodation, food, petrol, baby equipment and general living as Neil and Charlotte take time off work for upcoming hospital stays.

Helen Jensen's involvement (page creator)

I am Charlotte's mother and Shiloh's grandmother.

Use of funds

All funds will go directly to supporting Shiloh and her family including medical and pharmaceutical bills, travel costs, accommodation, food, petrol, baby equipment and general living as Neil and Charlotte take time off work for upcoming hospital stays.

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Baby Shiloh ❤❤  4 February 2020

Posted by: Helen Jensen

Hi Everyone, just a quick update, we are still waiting on our call from Starship which will be any day now. But in the meantime Shiloh has taken her first tiny taste of food orally at 10 months old without coughing or gagging! Yay!! Now everyday whenever Shiloh sees us eating, she is now asking for some too. The first taste of food was some dark chocolate dairy food and her hands and feet started wiggling, she started to rock back and forth and was baby talking while tasting it ❤ After that decadent taste we have introduced baby food, custard, milky porridge, mashed potato and gravy. It has been very small bits of food (pea size) but Shiloh has wanted the food voluntarily and we are very happy with this tiny step forward.

A big thank you to everyone that has supported Shiloh, for your well wishes, help, prayers and love.

Please keep sharing this page ❤❤

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  • Tiara

    Tiara 4 days ago


    Sent with lots of love from Whanganui.


  • Mario

    Mario 5 days ago


    Hope this helps!


  • Rox Stunt

    Rox Stunt 5 days ago


    Sending all our love to you all Love from The Stunts xoxox


  • Mikayla Kerr-Stunt

    Mikayla Kerr-Stunt 5 days ago


    Sending lots of love from your cousin Mikayla in wanganui xo


  • Gisborne Herald reader

    Gisborne Herald reader 5 days ago


    God bless little darling. Praying your op goes well. Thinking of your beautiful mum and dad too. Kia kaha!


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$8,632 donated

Given by 42 generous donors in 12 weeks

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