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Flood 2019 - Fox Glacier landfill washes onto West Coast beaches

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The March floods went through the old Fox Glacier landfill, washing tonnes of rubbish into the sea, and is now washing up on our beaches.

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The March 2019 floods here in South Westland washed away a lot of the Fox Glacier historic landfill and recycling station, situated next to the Fox Glacier river, and rubbish - including micro-plastics and agri-chemicals - are washing up every day on our once pristine West Coast beaches, from south of Fox Glacier to Okarito North beach.

This is now been named New Zealand's 'worst environmental disaster - ever'. Worse than the Rena oil spill. Funds raised will be used to help support our volunteers who are flying into remote areas of contaminated beach every day for the whole day - food, supplies, petrol vouchers etc.

This is home to Okarito Marine Reserve - 5.75 nautical miles of homes for seals, hectors dolphins, seals, southern right whales on their journey to and from breeding in warmer waters; Orca have been seen passing by; blue penguins, and the rarest of our kiwi - Rowi - have recently been released on Okarito North Beach; over 70 species of birds/seabirds including eastern bar-tailed godwits, banded dotterels, Kotuku (white heron), royal spoonbills, white fronted terns, mollymawks & threatened black-billed gulls. This feeds into the Okarito Lagoon - the longest natural wetland in NZ. UPDATE: we now have a dedicated team of specialists; DOC (including DOC wildlife specialists;) Maritime NZ; EnviroWasteNZ; local council; helicopter companies; and the crew who worked on the Rena disaster, as well as our invaluable volunteers to whom we would be lost! This money goes towards our volunteers - as they are not paid. Council have supported some food and supplies for them, but we would like to look after them the best we can.

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Local volunteer; managing Social media Facebook page and messages, cleaning up rubbish etc, managing donations

Use of funds

Help support volunteers with food, supplies, petrol vouchers etc. Any surplus will be either donated to a worthy cause in line with trying to prevent this disaster happening again/used for a Zero Waste campaign in our area.

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    Natasha on 12 Apr 2019


    Keep up the good work!


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    Lauren on 11 Apr 2019


    Thank you for the amazing work you are doing. I cant help in person so help this helps somewhat


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$2,150 donated

Given by 41 generous donors in 14 days

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