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Stand with Sarah for the Climate

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    Geraldine asks

    Kia Ora

    I want you to know WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGIES to clean the air and water...for years (invented by Kiwi Ken Pedlar - who is opposed at every turn by the way)....but there are blockages. As an example I use to install tech in the fuel line of heavy polluters, large combustion engines on boats, trucks, buses (petrol and diesel), this tech reduced the emissions to the point where you could actually see and smell the difference instantly, but as a consequence of better overall burning it reduced the consumption of fuel also. My bizo was new and went under during the financial crisis, it was difficult to get funding. One of the biggest hurdles that you need to know about is the insurance companies....they will not insure vehicles that have parts installed not made by the vehicle manufacturer which is a barrier. And NZ does not have particulate measuring technology at the testing stations...they just use a piece of white paper! The Australian banks do not lend money to Kiwi businesses especially those int he business of reducing fuel consumption.

    Keep up the good work Sarah it is a hell of a fight, but evil thrives when good people do nothing right?

    on 27 Jun 2017

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    Douglas asks

    Hi Daphne

    Thanks for undertaking this work to help Sarah's case, and providing a helpful update.

    As well as the donation I have already made, I would like to discuss with you other ways I could possibly help; please email me at if my offer is of interest to you.

    Sorry this isn't really a question but I could not find another way to contact you!

    Best wishes


    on 11 Apr 2017

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    Frida asks

    Is this action still going ahead now that an acceptable deal has been agreed on at the Paris Summit?

    on 28 Dec 2015

    • Daphne Bell


      Yes, Sarah's case will still go ahead as although international agreement was reached in Paris, this provides a process and a starting line but doesn't reduce emissions until countries act on their promises. Overall, the promises are not good enough - if everyone does what they have promised the world will still warm to 2.7 deg. But New Zealand's promise (Nationally Determined Contribution) has been condemned internationally as the weakest of all so the need for the court case continues. My apologies for the delay in responding to your query as I have been away.

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