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Stand with Sarah for the Climate

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Sarah Thomson is courageously taking the government to court to review their inadequate climate change target. Please help with her costs.

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Climate Sustainability Awareness

A Hamilton law student, she is doing this for all of us, and for our children and grandchildren. She has the support of a team of very smart lawyers from a leading law firm, and has affidavits from top scientists in New Zealand and internationally. She is taking the case because she is concerned about what kind of world our children will face if we continue to let temperatures rise

There are good grounds for a judicial review of the target under New Zealand law. If all countries adopted this target the world would warm by 2.7 degrees above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century and keep warming further after that. That means more severe storms, heat waves, drought, floods, sea level rise and millions of climate refugees who will lose their homes.

At the big climate change march in Auckland, Sarah said "it is the young people who will pay the true cost of today's inaction. Our government has a duty to its people, to ensure a safe place for us and our children to live. But, if they are not fulfilling that duty, it is up to us to demand action."

This is a David vs Goliath action. Sarah's lawyers are donating their time, but money is needed for the filing fee at the High Court, other legal costs and disbursements and associated costs for Sarah relating to her court action. Donations will be paid to Sarah from a solicitor's trust account.

Any money not used will be kept in a solicitor's trust account and disbursed to a registered environmental charity or charities.

Page created by:

Daphne Bell


I am part of the Waikato Climate Action group to which Sarah has contributed considerably. The givealittle page enables us to give practical support for her legal action. Together we can make a difference.

All funds raised benefit:

Sarah Thomson

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Francis McEntee (Solicitor Stainton & Chelle) on behalf of Sarah Thomson.
“Wishing all the very best Sarah - I am very impressed with your courage in taking on this very important task.”
“I admire your initiative and your courage. You may not win the legal battle but the publicity will be pure gold.”
“Great initiative! Best wishes for a successful case.”
“Thank you Sarah for having the courage to take on the big business backed bullshit artists. You are an inspiration and we all win regardless of the outcome.”
“So very well done - I wish you all the luck in the world. Thankyou”
“We're right behind this cause! Thanks Sarah , Daphne and all who have initiated this action Wish we could give more!”
“Good Luck!”
“John Key is a failure as a man and as prime minister.”
“Interesting and valid approach which deserves support in a pluralist democracy and is a way to 'advocate for future generations'. Happy to support.”
“Great to see some action to try and spur our very backward looking Government into more effective climate action”
  • $10,430.50 donated
  • 183 generous donors

$10,431 donated

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