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Stand with Sarah for the Climate

  • A firm date for the Climate Change hearing      26 May 2017
    Posted by: Daphne Bell

    Sarah Thomson and her lawyers now have a firm date for the hearing at the High Court Wellington, 2 Molesworth Street. - 26 - 28 June, start time 10am.

    Sarah is encouraging people to attend the hearing to show their support for the need for action on climate change. Do contribute to the important national conversation on climate change in any ways that you can.

    And our thanks for your generous and thoughtful financial support for her hearing costs,

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  • Climate change continues      12 April 2017
    Posted by: Daphne Bell

    National Geographic (April 2017) sums up climate change as "the world is warming and it's because of us"

    Sir Geoffrey Palmer on RNZ (9 April) said "we have the problem of climate change on this planet which is absolutely potentially economically catastrophic and which this government fails to address "

    Max Harris, author of The New Zealand Project said on RNZ (11 April) that we live in a society where we are all in it together. Climate change needs and intergenerational partnerships and collective action.

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  • Progress - but slowly!     10 February 2017
    Posted by: Daphne Bell

    A big thank you to everyone who donated towards Sarah Thomson's legal challenge to the government on their climate change targets.

    It has been well over a year since filing but Sarah advises that that the hearing date for the case has now been set for the 26-28 June, 2017 which is close with so much left to do, and yet, not close enough with such an urgent problem to address.

    The Minister has continuously delayed providing requested discovery documents, including reports, economic modelling and advice provided to the Minister in regards to the INDC target for Paris. These delays have been frustrating and have slowed progress, but Sarah and the lawyers are doing what they can to make sure the case is heard in June without any further postponements.

    Meanwhile the climate continues to warm as recent extreme weather in Australia shows.

    Thank you once again for your donations and ongoing support for this pressing issue. We will keep you advised of further developments.

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  • The case continues!     20 April 2016
    Posted by: Daphne Bell

    We are reopening and continuing the givealittle page for Sarah's legal challenge so that the many people who have donated to the cause can keep up to date with where it is at and others may still contribute to it.

    It has already been five months since filing date and while no hearing date has been set yet, the case is still progressing.

    The first affidavits from the Crown lawyers have come through, including an affidavit from Tim Groser, former Minister of Climate Change issues. After going through these affidavits, the lawyers and Sarah will then consider a further application for "discovery" (legal jargon for the compulsory disclosure of documents relating to the case).

    Sarah hopes that through the discovery process she can increase transparency around the Minister of Climate Change issue's decision making - especially in regards to the setting of the INDC: Intended Nationally Determined Contributions.

    "There is still a lot of work ahead of us before the case can make it to court, but we will get there eventually. We are all in this together, and your donations have helped to make this case possible!"

    We are greatly encouraged by the support, encouragement and generosity of the donors. They have come from around New Zealand and their thoughtful, informed comments are testament to their knowledge of climate change: the critical issue of our time.

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