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Apirana's on tour

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Steve and Ainsley Apirana are on tour in out of the way places ! Let's help them do the thing they do so well .....

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New Ideas Music Performance

The Apirana's have made a living singing their hearts out since the 70's. They make the staunchest people smile with Steve's humour and message so humbly expressed by his words, heart an songs. He is a living treasure that Te Papa won't be able to afford. Steve and Ainsley are touring the East Coast, Gisborne, Turangi, Rangipo prison, and other out of the way places. Lots of schools. With a band of Hamilton all stars...

This is our chance to enable them to play to audiences that won't be able to renumerate fully in kind with cash. This giveallitle page will help pay for expenses for the tour and make sure Steve and Ainsley are well fed and catered for on tour..

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dave white


I have toured with the Apirana's. Have always been impressed with Steve's ability to work any crowd, anywhere. His whack ideas that all people are made in God's image is still worth flourishing in the minds of young people especially. This tour is another opportunity to support Steve and Ainsley do what they do best - being onstage, making fabulous music, singing about love (way before Avalanche City's jingle made it onto our tv's. )

I am putting the band and the tour together for 2016 September Coast to Coast tour

All funds raised benefit:

Steve Apirana


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Steve Apirana.
“All the best for the tour everyone.”
“Supporting Andrew Brehaut in particular but blessings to you all are you tour.”
“Hi Steve/Ainsley, I'm planting this seed into ur ministry I have learn just recently what seed planting does and it has blown me away what God does. Love both and bless. Lorraine”
“Hope your work is really blessed”
“many blessings for the tour ... from a fellow pilgrim from the Chch City Mission days”
“Tena korua Steve me Ainsley Our shout for some hot n spicy KFC Arohanui ki a korua mai te fanau o Smith”
“Always fantastic :-)”
“Steve. So good you're going East coast.. pleasure to contribute to making the tour happen ....”
  • $1,700.00 donated
  • 19 generous donors

$1,700 donated


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