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An interactive film documentary that implores New Zealanders to face our problem of child abuse and do more at the grass roots.


This is an ongoing fundraising page started in June 2016 for the Stop the Bus Film Project. The fundraised amount shown is the total that has been raised since this page was started. Donations made each month are paid to the Stop the Bus Charitable Trust bank account to cover the ongoing costs as below. We are grateful for all of your support to help us see this project through.

We are currently raising money for our Phase Three Target of the project as shown below.




We want to create a movement so big that it is forever etched as a time in New Zealand history where we as a nation stood for something together and committed to change.

New Zealand should be the most amazing country for a child to grow up in, but we have one of the worst rates of child abuse in the world. Children are being abused, tortured and violated every day in this country and 1 child is killed on average every 5 weeks. Despite what we are often led to believe the cases of abuse are happening in all parts of our society.

NZ has talked and tried different policies for years but our records show we are not improving.

For this to change, we believe that we each need to take responsibility as the people of this nation.

We are creating an interactive documentary that will evoke pride in who we are as a people, and investigate what we can do at a grassroots level to influence change and bring value to our children in Aotearoa.

We have a vision of people from all walks of life, linking arms across the length of New Zealand standing up together to do what we can and commit to change for the well being of our children.




In May 2017 to July 2018 Chris and Erinna Lane of Big Kid Films and their 4 children travelled New Zealand in a bus to discover what is going within our communities that mean so many children are living in violence and fear. The Lane family also gathered real-life stories of many ordinary people who are active in inspiring change for children within their communities. Many of these stories are shared on Stop the Bus social media to elevate the conversation about child abuse, show people ways that they can practically help and inspire more people to take action.

On Children's Day, March 3rd 2019 Stop the Bus Charitable Trust is calling out all New Zealander's to get out and link arms with others within their community as a show of commitment to the children in that area. We hope to make this stand so big that it cannot go unnoticed in order to inspire open and honest conversations within our whānau, community, and the nation as a whole about how we can work together to ensure all children grow up free of violence and fear.

All of the above will become an essential part of the feature-length film for Stop the Bus to be released in 2019.

New Zealand is an amazing country, but let’s stop hiding, let’s be honest, let’s talk about this, let’s open our eyes, let’s own this problem, let’s commit to change. To make a difference, it takes us all.




This Givealittle page has been set up to raise money for a portion of our total budgeted costs for this project. As well as several fundraisers we are also seeking financial support from other funders for the remainder production budget.

We believe wholeheartedly in this cause and your donation is vital for the Stop The Bus project to obtain the resources required for maximum impact. Your help will enable us to bring this project to life and help us to create a movement that will save the lives of many New Zealand children for generations to come!

Thank you for believing in this cause and trusting us to carry out this project. Your support has already helped us achieve our Phase One and Phase Two targets. We are asking for your help to achieve our Phase Three Target to assist with Link Arms Aotearoa and the editing of the Stop the Bus Feature Film.

Can you help us?



Essential Film Equipment


The Phase One total allowed us to obtain the minimum and most essential equipment that will allow us to both edit as we travel and film broadcast quality footage that portrays the look and feel we believe will resonate effectively.

We thank you for helping us reach this first milestone and enabling us to create this film to bring hope and positive change to many children of New Zealand.



Vehicle running and Travel Costs


Thank you for all your support in helping us in the travel stage of this project. Thanks to you we were able to keep our bus moving for a whole year. This included keeping the bus legal on the road, essential fuel and other essential travel costs such as ferry crossings. Because of your help we have been able to gather hundreds of stories from across New Zealand that will further help us complete the Stop the Bus film project and raise awareness of how we can all be part of the solution for vulnerable children in New Zealand.



Film Edit and Link Arms Aotearoa


Now that we are back to base we have the mammoth task of both editing together the film and completing our original vision to see New Zealanders making a stand together to commit to the safety of our children (scheduled for NZ Children's Day on March 3rd 2019).

The Stop the Bus Feature film and Link Arms Aotearoa requires the full-time dedication of many hours over the next 2 months as well as other specialist support (for film editing), licensing, marketing and website costs. We are so grateful for your support so we can see the Stop the Bus FIlm project through to completion.

Any money raised above the above requirements will roll over to the other essential needs of the Stop The Bus Charitable Trust as below.




All funds raised from this page will go to the Stop the Bus Charitable Trust, which is managed by independent Trustees. All money raised is required to be put towards charitable purposes in New Zealand. This is likely to include a contribution to budgeted filming and travel costs, so we can raise awareness of child abuse in New Zealand and support the people and groups in our communities who are promoting the well-being of children. The Trust also expects to make donations directly to those people and organisations we showcase in the documentary, where their projects could do with a boost. Donation decisions will be made by the Trustees of Stop the Bus Charitable Trust.

Stop The Bus Charitable Trust is a ‘not for profit’, registered charity (CC53715) with donee status meaning that your donations to this cause are tax deductible.

Stop the Bus Charitable Trust's involvement (page creator)

Stop The Bus Charitable Trust is a ‘not for profit’, registered charity (CC53715) set up to promote the wellbeing of children in New Zealand and to create a movement in New Zealand where people feel empowered to look out for the wellbeing of children in their own communities.

About us

The Stop the Bus Charitable Trust promotes the wellbeing of children of Aotearoa. It is set up to share the stories of people/organisations with community initiatives that combat child abuse. By sharing these stories through film we hope to inspire others of what they can do in their communities with the idea that 'Small acts of kindnesses can be as powerful as big systems.'

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Stop the Bus Film Project have entered Phase 3 of Fundraising!   14 January 2019

Thank you to everyone who has helped us complete the first 2 phases of fundraising for the Stop the Bus Film Project.

We are now fundraising to allow us to complete the edit of the Feature Film and for Link Arms Aotearoa which is a bold stand for children happening on NZ Children's Day (March 3rd). This requires many weeks of full-time work as well as specialist support, marketing and website costs. Every small donation to Stop the Bus Charitable Trust is huge in enabling us to complete the Stop the Bus Film Project. Through this project, we seek to elevate the conversation about child abuse and show how we can all be a part of the solution.

Thanks again for all your support.

Ngā mihi nui

the team at Stop the Bus Charitable Trust

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Guest Donor on 31 Mar 2019
You guys do an amazing job, keep it up!
Hannah on 22 Jan 2019
Keep up the great work guys, have loved following your journey and may you continue to spread the love :)
Stop the Bus Charitable Trust

Wow! This is so greatly appreciated. We will indeed. Hope you guys are well x

Stop the Bus Charitable Trust
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Jan 2019
Stop the Bus Charitable Trust

Oh my goodness! Thank you xxxx

Stop the Bus Charitable Trust
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Guest Donor on 27 Jul 2018
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Guest Donor on 19 Jun 2018
Stop the Bus Charitable Trust

Wow! such generosity... we love that it is an odd amount :) Thank you so much for helping us make this all possible.

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