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Strengthen Midwifery Partnership

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Invitation to 100-150 NZ midwives to participate in a 2-year training that will grow a skilled birthing population for all births.

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Since 1990 New Zealand has had the most amazing Midwifery Partnership with Women. Amazing as it is something is out of whack. The Cesarian rates have gone from 12.9% to over 25% even though Women's choices are respected and midwives give 24/7 care to each individual pregnant woman.

Fortunately, Common Knowledge Trust has a simple solution backed up by a New Zealand study done at National Women's Hospital in 1961 by H. A Brant and seventeen years of 'practice-based research' done from 2000-2017 by a Nelson midwife, Andrea Vincent.

We're seeking $1800 to print a tri-fold flyer that will be inserted into the September issue that reaches 3,500 midwives and invites 100-150 midwives to participate in a 2-year training that grows a skilled birthing population for all families and every birth.

Using our simple protocol script, midwives will educate and inform all their individual clients of the importance of becoming skilled. Participating midwives will give a hand-out with all the skills-based methods used in NZ from which women will choose one or more and self-learn.

In this training, midwives will continue to notate women's choices for their Birth Plan. From 24 weeks onwards, each skill learned is also notated in a woman's personal files and create a Skills Birth Plan as well.

Skills and Choices are then easily found in each woman's notes.

When a woman (and partner/other) use their skills during birth, praise can abound or encouragement given.

Growing a skilled birthing population that is in partnership with highly skilled and autonomous midwives makes sense and works.

Common Knowledge Trust is fortunate to be based on 45 years on the development of this Concept by hundreds of families (now used by many thousands worldwide) and the Director, Wintergreen.

The Concept is clear and concise ... it's normal and natural for every expectant family to learn, practice and use birth and coaching skills to do the activity of birthing their baby.

New Zealand midwives now have an opportunity to educate our New Zealand society and everyone reap the benefits.

About us

We are a Nelson-based registered, tax-exempt Charity. We house and make available the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation skills developed by fathers and mothers via easy to use online courses. We are working to strengthen and balance the Partnership between Women and Midwives.

Use of funds

The $900 will be used to print the flyer for inclusion in September Midwifery Journal. Any excess funds will return to Common Knowledge Trust to help fund the 2-year collaboration.

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Our Goal Is Not Yet Accomplished  10 September 2018

Posted by: Common Knowledge Trust

There are two reasons we are updating our Give-A-Little fund-raising request

1) Turns out the cost has increased to $1800. The initial $900 was for insert going out to 3,000 midwives NOT including printing. There are actually 3600 midwives so the cost of the insertion is now $1200 and the printing cost is $700.

2) The NZCOM Midwifery Magazine doesn't go out until end of September so we'd like to extend our request a wee bit longer.

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