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Stunning quality Irish Dance photos

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If we want to maintain high quality pictures at dancing events for FREE then we need to support this fundraiser - Thank you

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If you’ve been to any of the larger Irish Dance Competitions in New Zealand in the last four years you would have seen Vincent Mortimer. He’s a committed IDD (Irish Dance Daddy), helps set up, lay ‘floors’, sometime compares, encourages everyone, is always up for a laugh or a chat AND takes thousands upon thousands of photos of your dancers.(10-12,000 per day, 30,000 + at 2018 Nationals). He then spends hours upon hours to edit them, (double the time it takes to actually ‘take’ them) collates them into age group, session, day and competition then publishes the ones that past muster on Facebook so that any of the dancers, their parents, family and friends can have instant access to fabulous photos of their dancer. He is always helpful and responsive to the numerous requests he gets as to where to find actions shots of a particular person that is hidden within the thousands of photos. Often he will spend time gathering high resolution photos of a dancer and provide them as a package to parents at no cost. He does all this for FREE in his own time (and his family’s Time) and around his day job and using his own equipment.

Unfortunately the equipment Vincent uses is not cheap - you need good gear to get those high speed action shots in low light – Vincent has already replaced one camera and is well on the way to wearing out a second. Vincent funds all this himself and does NOT charge the organisers for his time or the photos - though he is very grateful for the occasional airfare.

We love Vincent’s photos and the precious memories they provide to parents and dancers. If your dancer competed ‘pre-Vincent you might never have had even one action shot of your child dancing unless they competed at a high level and you were prepared to pay $100 (Worlds – package $100, NANs $100, Australian Oirechtas $70+) for three pre-determined photos.

As a gesture to Vincent for his work over the years – and more importantly to allow him to replace his cameras so he can keep taking photos for us – we think it would be great if you could make a small donation to this page for each dancer who has had the benefit of Vincent’s photos over any of the past four years! $15 would just about replace a camera - $20 would mean an upgrade on equipment for even better photos for us all.

We love Vincent's work and think he and the photos he provides is worth it.

Use of funds:

To replace camera equipment - if there is any surplus, Vince has offered to travel to other competitions around NZ taking pictures.

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Supporting Vincent


I am another dancing parent who has benefitted from the amazing FREE photos that Vince takes at competitions and would love to continue benefitting from this for years to come. I would love to see the dancing community come together to help raise the funds for a replacement camera so we can all continue to enjoy the quality of the photos.

All funds raised benefit:

Vincent Mortimer


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Vincent Mortimer.
“Happy to support Vincent & the amazing photos he has provided. Thanks for your great service to Irish dancing in NZ Vincent!”
“This is a fabulous gesture and very well deserved. I hope you reach the target amount and only wish I could contribute more. Thank you Vincent”
“Thanks Vicent you are a star xxx”
“Thanks for the wonderful photographic memories.”
“So appreciate your work Vince. Fantastic photos of our children are such a blessing”
“Thank you Vince”
“Your photos are always a wonderful highlight to watch out for after a competition. Thanks for all your time and skill. It is greatly appreciated!”
“Thank you thank you thank you”
“Love your photos , thanks so much for all the time.”
“Thank you for your wonderful photography, it is so lovely for family overseas to be able to see our daughters dance.”
  • $1,715.00 donated
  • 40 generous donors

$1,715 donated


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