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Stunt Woman Dayna Grant - Emergency Brain Surgery

  • Dayna is healing and happy….

      2 April 2022
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    In true superhero fashion - Dayna has been healing and recovering like “Wolverine” since her surgery. She has been helped tremendously by spending at least one hour + in a “Hard” Hyperbaric Chamber daily which has only been possible due to your support. Additionally, she has been able to seek nutritional support and physical & cognitive therapy regularly- all thanks to these amazing donations. As you may know, Dayna was unable to work for months prior to having her life-saving surgery and required the care of another 24/7. Currently, Dayna’s eyesight is roughly 80% back in the left eye. Much improved and Dayna is very happy with this progress. Dayna was able to do her first scuba dive in the Ocean since 2020- another huge milestone in her recovery. Dayna has taken it upon herself to try to educate others on head injuries/concussions (as well as directly help others with brain trauma) and rehabilitation, specifically in regard to the benefits of the Hyperbaric chamber, lots of love and laughter!

    Dayna has been able to re-open her stunt school “New Zealand Stunt School” and is enjoying teaching and helping the new stunt performers safely train and learn. She cannot thank everyone enough for supporting her through a time she feared going alone. Thank you to everyone who donated!

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    • 08/04/2022 by Jeanette

      Hi Dayna, this is so good to hear - congratulations on all the amazing progress! I'm delighted to hear that you're able to get back to some of the things you love. May your progress continue!

  • Update from Dayna

      20 August 2021
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    I am week 5 after brain surgery and doing extremely well thanks to everyone’s help and support 🙏🏾

    I had an appointment with my surgeon today and I am cleared to start doing basic stuff again, only cause I’m experienced on an amazing horse he has given me the ok to go ahead to get on my horse ⭐️

    This has made me extremely happy 😃

    My day is jam pack filled with rehab.

    9am morning stretch yoga and cold pressed juices start for the day and vitamins

    10am neurophysio brain training

    11am brain break

    12pm hang with my horses

    1pm oxygen therapy chamber for 1 hour 45min and meditation.

    3pm hang out with my son

    4pm 2nd neurophysio brain training

    5pm brain break

    6pm yoga strength session

    7pm dinner and shower etc

    8:30 bedtime 😴

    I am feeling really good and I think I am starting to get a small amount of sight back in my left eye.

    I try to keep my eye patch off but sometimes I need it on to give my eye a break (it’s trying really hard) “you can do it left eye” 😂

    Every day I feel an improvement and I’m gonna come back better than before any of this.

    I have found meditation and a huge appreciation for life and the amazing people in this world….. and what is truly important to me.

    I have turned a negative into a positive and for the first time in I don’t know how long I have been able to focus on my health.

    So I want to thank you all for following me on my journey, still a way to go but it’s a happy journey thanks to you all.

    Oh yeah and my surgeon couldn’t believe I haven’t been on medication for the past month, he said I was the picture perfect patient 😂

    Stunt School Update:

    I try my hardest to make it along to see everyones happy faces at the workshops, sometimes it will take a week of rehab (after) to be able to make it back again to see everyone….. but it’s worth it 🙏🏾

    January 2022 is the next time I’m allowed to drive a car again in public.

    I have an eye specialist appointment soon but due to covid restrictions that probably won’t happen.

    I owe it all to nutrition, positivity and the oxygen chamber and I wouldn’t have had any of this without you all 🙏🏾🙏🏾♥️♥️

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    • 20/08/2021 by Mark

      Great to hear your doing so well. Keep on going. Big hugs from Shaz and Mark.

    • 20/08/2021 by William Henley

      Fab news! Making great progress..but slowly slowly aye. Looking forward to more positives. Your a little bit bloody AWESOME! After your workshop with us in waipapa, I really wanted to join your school. I have a new hip and feel I was neglecting my health for so long. Time to get back on the horse aye. Thankyou xyz. Willi

    • 20/08/2021 by Kari

      Oh Dayna, I am so glad you are recovering well. You are an amazing woman. All your stunts! You are an inspiration to me as I battle stage 4 cancer. Maybe I should add a "brain break" to my schedule too.... But you know, no matter what, we should all be grateful to what we are given, learn from it, move on from it, and love all these people that are put into your life if you know them or not! My blessings to you, and keep getting stronger.

      Kari from (Rain? What's rain??) California

    • 20/08/2021 by Brendan

      Great to hear you're back in the saddle. The true value in life comes down to just a handful of things, sounds like you've incorporated them into a solid routine.

      Go lefty


      Mr smartass undies😉

    • 10/04/2022 by Kari

      So, so happy to hear you are doing well. Being able to get back to doing what you love is awesome. I could come out and help you with stunts. My speciality is "Standing on one foot/toe while reaching on top of the refrigerator to get my cat that is squished against the wall because we have to go to the vet" I feel I am very good at this. 😁😁 Take care, be well, and enjoy life!

      Kari Johnston, Santa Cruz, California

  • Update from Dayna July 25 2021

      25 July 2021
    Main image

    2 weeks and 3 days since my brain surgery and 4 months since my accident on set:

    Weeks before the surgery I was in denial, the day before surgery it hit me really bad, I cried non stop, wondering if that night would be my last nights sleep, the day of surgery wondering if I would see my 3 kids again, they are my heart ❤️ the biggest anxious knot in my upper gut that I have never had in my life, my surgeon asked how I was and the last thing I said was “to be honest I’m so damn scared, I’m a bloody stunt woman I should be able to deal with anything” and straight away they put me to sleep 😴

    I woke up 4.5 hours later and it was the best day of my life, I worked out pretty quick I was blind in my left eye, but I didn’t care cause I was alive and instantly thought of everyone around the world that gave me all the love and support to make the best day in my life possible (oh dear I’m crying 😂) can’t thank you all enough ♥️

    Then it was days of rest and now starting rehab.

    Yes I’m blind in one eye and I have been told from one person straight after surgery my eye sight will be back in 2 weeks and from someone else I might never see out of that eye ever again, each day I wake and cover my right eye to test my left and I still can’t see, I’m ok with that, I know one day it’s gonna come back and for now I’ll learn to live life without it, it’s definitely not easy, learning distances and walking down stairs, wearing an eye patch etc, I try to keep it uncovered when I can and when I get a headache from trying to use it, I put my eye patch back on.

    I’m trying to get used to being in the passenger seat of the car, it makes me nauseous, but it will get better.

    Every 3.5 hours of each day I have to do a brain break for 40mins, that means do nothing with a blind fold and ear muffs.

    So for the 3.5 hours I make the most of that time, like today I went to help teach at our stunt school, I love that so much, my stunt family is incredible but boy was I tired after.

    Now the oxygen hyperbaric therapy chamber,

    I have to do 2 hours per day in this for 3 months, without the help of you all this chamber wouldn’t have been possible, it’s the best thing ever!!!! Everytime I use the chamber my head feels incredible, since using this I haven’t had to take any pain killers, I swear by it so much ♥️

    I have also been on a high dose juice diet, different juices delivered every few days, greens, beetroot, turmeric and supplements, my diet is a huge priority to give me all the nutrition I need.

    I also have a huge brain concussion rehab program that I have to do each day, balancing, looking, moving, spinning, wearing a laser head light…. sorting my brain out.

    I couldn’t have done any of this without my amazing man Pai looking after me 24/7, driving me to my appointments, doing everything for me, being my eyes and hands, stopping me from pushing myself to soon and too fast,

    Love him so much ♥️

    I have a long way to go but I love my life and where I am at, how can I complain……

    IM ALIVE 👏

    I have been given a third chance in life and by golly I’m gonna pay it forward (third chance because doing a stunt once I got bought back to life)

    I’m gonna be back to normal

    I’m gonna get my eyesight back

    I’m gonna be stronger than I was before and I couldn’t have done this without you all, the love and support, the donations, the messages, the visits, the phone calls (sorry when I don’t answer) the prayers, the thoughts, the gifts, the helping hands etc

    There really are some beautiful people in this world….. and I have love for you all ♥️


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    • 25/07/2021 by Brendan

      When you've got gratitude, you've got more value in life than many of the riches folk in the world.

    • 26/07/2021 by Kari

      You are on the right road. Heal at your own pace. One question. Um, can drinks like a Cosmo, Margarita, etc., be substituted for "Beetroot" and any green juice?? When I ask my oncologist that she just stares at me like good god..... I'm sorry, but I draw the line at ANY greenish juice. Yick. Just keep getting better. You are an inspiration to us all. Even though you are drinking green juice.😁 And always remember. Smart Small, Think Big. You can do this.


      Far, far away in Santa Cruz, California, where I drink no green juice.

  • The road to healing..

      18 July 2021
    Main image

    Thanks to all the amazing support from all around the world Dayna has been able to start some home therapy. She now has a portable hyperbaric oxygen tent (rented) in her home. Dayna spends an hour and half every day (for 3 months ) in this therapy. The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can promote healing by restoring oxygen levels, and thus, improving the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. This can result in blood vessel growth and damaged tissue repair.

    This would not have been possible without your kindness.

    Dayna is feeling the love.

    🙏🏾❤️‍🩹🧠 #FeelTheLove

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  • From Dayna

      16 July 2021

    I can’t thank you and everyone enough for getting me here!!!!

    Yep I have lost all vision in my left eye but I’m gonna stay positive and one day it will come back 🙏🏾

    Today I start back on my concussion therapy and next week I’m hoping to start back on my spinal issues and my eye sight.

    I have an oxygen therapy chamber being delivered this weekend.

    Up until now I have been on High dosages of painkillers, yesterday I started to cut some out and that has helped with having a clearish head so I can start to set myself some goals.

    The photo in the previous update was my first goal set and conquered, it was to get myself out of my pyjamas for the first day since surgery 😂

    The day before I attempted a 5 minute walk and had to crawl back, think that was a little too soon 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

    So much amazing love and support from around the world cheers me up every day, I wish I could go around and thank everyone of you personally.

    This has really made me see life so differently.

    Thank you all….. It’s time to set some goals as small as they may be, and conquer them all one at a time 💫♥️


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    • 16/07/2021 by Susan

      Hello Dayna,

      Glad surgery is behind you. Sending healing thoughts.

    • 16/07/2021 by Simon

      Hi Dayna, wishing you the best of luck in your recovery. In all my life.. you Dayna…. Are one of the most positive people have ever met.

      If anyone’s gonna come through this with guns blazing , it you.

      Sending you positive thoughts.

      Si Hawkins.

    • 16/07/2021 by Brendan

      You're going to kick rehab ass. Will send you over some more smartass undies and socks to help support your badass positivity. Big events are so often our trigger to come back to the big picture and what's most important.

      Stay focused on the important shit and leave the rest behind!



  • Dayna showing off her incision…

      16 July 2021
    Main image

    Dayna is home healing and in good spirits. The left optic nerve was severed in surgery as the aneurysm was entangled around it. Recovery is slow and will be longer than previously anticipated, but as per usual Dayna is eager to take it on. Dayna has her family and friends around her now and is so thankful for the outpouring of love and support.

    #FeelTheLove #SupportStunts

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    • 16/07/2021 by Jeanette

      Wishing you all the best on your recovery. Love the T!


  • Home healing

      12 July 2021
    Main image

    Dayna is home and on the road to healing. The post-op physio will be longer than expected as the left eye damage appears to be permanent, but Dayna is a warrior and is heading into this full on. ⠀

    Thank you all so much for the love and support 🙏🏾 🧠 ❤️‍🩹⠀

    Kia ora

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    • 12/07/2021 by Kari

      Oh Dayna, I am so happy you are at home. Being around family is the best medicine. I pray for you every day, and think of you often.

      Kari Johnston

  • Surgery Update

      8 July 2021
    Main image

    Dayna’s surgery was expedited to yesterday and we are happy to say she has come through well and is in good spirits. During the surgery it was discovered that the aneurysm was unfortunately attached to the left optic nerve, therefore the surgeon had no choice but to cut the nerve to remove the aneurysm. Dayna currently has very blurry vision in half of the left eye and the remaining half field of vision (in the left eye) is gone. The Doctor is hopeful that vision may come back in the eye, but for now we must wait. Additionally, there is facial muscle weakness- that was to be expected with this type of surgery and will be addressed in Dayna’s post-op Physical Therapy.

    Dayna is so very grateful for all the kindness, love and support it has truly saved her life.

    Kia Ora 🙏🏽❤️‍🩹🧠

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    • 08/07/2021 by Gwen

      Hi Kia! Omg! I am so grateful for this update. Dayna has been on my mind since I heard she went into surgery. It is such a relief to hear this news. Phew! Please give her my love. And tell her she is such a phenomenal woman and will pull through this!!

      Love Gwendolyn

    • 09/07/2021 by Helen

      Hope you rest and recover quickly. Try not to worry. Many strangers/fans who appreciate your work and talents are rooting for you with much love.

    • 09/07/2021 by Patty

      Thank you so much for the update, and sending all my love and thoughts. There is no one stronger in the world to face these struggles, but I'm so sorry you are having to. It's been heartbreaking to hear, but so great to see your face in this photo and I know you will shock everyone with her strength of spirit and body in you recoverey. You're a true amazon and we all love you. xoxoxo - Patty

    • 10/07/2021 by Kari

      Dayna, I wish you good spirits. Thank you for the update, and keep getting stronger every day. AND NO MORE STUNTS UNTIL YOU FEEL 100% BETTER!!! Promise. Many prayers your way too.

      Kari Johnston, CA

  • Update from Dayna regarding interviews

      4 July 2021

    At this time privacy is key to the recovery process. All interview requests have and will be declined for the time being. Thank you for respecting my family and I during this difficult time.


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  • A note from Dayna

      3 July 2021

    I wanted to to say thank you so much for this outpouring of support and kindness! Your generosity has filled my heart with so much joy during this incredibly challenging period in my life. Thanks to you, I have been able to schedule the surgery for July 26th! Your donations have also opened up the possibility to explore postoperative physical therapy and ease back into working. I, like a lot of people, have a very hard time asking for help but I really need it and you have all surrounded me with such love, hope and filled me with overwhelming gratitude. I wish I could give everyone big cuddles!

    I also need to give special thanks to Lucy Lawless & Rob Tapert for donating $20,000 and assisting in spreading the word and advocating for me. Truly thank you so much!

    Thank you ALL so much! It's going to be a long road to recovery but I know that I'm not alone and that is truly everything.

    Sending heaps of love back to you all.

    - Dayna

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  • Feel The Love

      30 June 2021

    Dayna is absolutely speechless and so incredibly moved by all the love and support from all over the globe. (Please see Dayna’s thank you video - The donations have been pouring in as fast as the tears of gratitude. Dayna will now be able to receive Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy (OT) and other modalities post-op that will expedite her healing and greatly reduce the stress of not being physically able to work for 6 months after surgery. Dayna is most definitely feeling the love …. As Lucy Lawless has said on Twitter #FeelTheLove 🧠❤️‍🩹🙏🏾

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    • 30/06/2021 by Rus

      Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Take care and get well soon Dayna!