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Support for Hannah Ramoso and her Family

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With great sadness, our dear Hannah just passed away. She wasn't able to survive the severe brain injuries from the crash.

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Hannah is a Filipina student that took a chance for a better life in New Zealand. She started out as a working student in Auckland. She then decided to move to Christchurch for better opportunities. Within less than a month tragedy struck when a car hit few pedestrians in an intersection in Christchurch, Hannah is now in a critical condition in Christchurch hospital. She does not have any family here, all she had was her friends here in Auckland.

Update : We recently found out that ACC may be covering the medical costs for Hannah. This means that the funds will go towards helping the family for any other costs.

Update : 15/09/2018 3:14am from Hannah’s Brother:

With great sadness, our dear Hannah just passed away. She wasn't able to survive the severe brain injuries from the crash. Still, our family believes that she is at peace now with the Lord.

The overwhelming love and support from all of her friends, classmates, colleagues, relatives and concerned people around the world comforted us in this very difficult time. We deeply appreciate every little help, prayers and your presence. We are still amazed by how each and every one of you really valued Hannah.

We are in the process of arranging her repatriation. We will update once we have the final details.

UPDATE : 17/09/2018 from Karl (Hannah’s Brother)

We are really grateful to everyone who supported us in this challenging time. You're kindness will help cover for our family's stay in NZ from the day we arrive until Hannah is repatriated hopefully by end of the week. We would also like to thank Hannah's school KITE for looking after the airline tickets for my mother and little sister from Philippines to New Zealand.

Regarding Hannah's remains, we are currently waiting for paper work from the funeral director so that we can start the repatriation process which will be looked after by ACC and Hannahh's insurance from Christchurch New Zealand to the Airport in the Philippines, we are yet to know the costs of taking Hannah from the Airport going home. We will update when we find out more.

Update: 18/09/2018 - from Hannah’s brother Karl

The funds will be used for the transport of hannah’s remains from NAIA (Manila) airport to the funeral homes, funeral service and burial. It will also be used by the family to pay for her student loans that helped her study in NZ. Hannah’s repatriation from Christchurch to NAIA Manila Airport is being looked after by insurance and ACC combined. Hannah will be repatriated leaving Christchurch on Friday 21st of September 2018.

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness

Use of funds:

Originally funds were to be used for Hannah's treatment and to help her Mother come to NZ. Update on 15/09/2018 - Funds will be used to help the family and the rest of the costs.

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Angelique Ramos


Hannah is a good friend of mine that just recently moved here in New Zealand. She is a kind and passionate girl and we are absolutely devastated that this has happened to her. The funds will help her family's expenses coming here in New Zealand to be with her. She is currently alone in New Zealand. It is costly to bring her mother here in New Zealand and we also currently do not know if how much the rest of the bills will cost. Update: Hannah's mother and sister were able to come to New Zealand today. They are currently spending time with Hannah in the hospital and will give more updates later on. Thank you for all your support.

Update : 15/09/2018 - please read the above information.

All funds raised benefit:

Hannah Ramoso

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Angelique Ramos on behalf of Hannah Ramoso.
“God Bless You Hannah,May you rest in peace.”
“Rest in Peace Hannah.”
“May the soul of Hannah be at peace with our Heavenly Father. Our most sincere condolences to the family.”
“Hannah's first job was with us at HMSHost at the Auckland International Airport. She applied for the role of Chef, came in for a trial and nailed it. She was a very hardworking and driven young woman with a passion for cooking. There were not many Chefs who could keep up with the demands of our kitchens but Hannah was tough, talented and hungry. She spoke to me about eventually bringing her family over from the Philippines, this was her main focus...We all liked Hannah and respected her for commitment, values and integrity. She was one of a kind and we will all miss her. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. Hannah is at peace, she is with God”
“Sending my love and condolences to the family.”
“Sorry for the loss , God bless the family.”
“My sincerest condolence to your family. I hope you can find peace and know that many are praying for you and your loved ones. Lots of love from my little family to yours. xx”
“To Hannah's Families & Friends, CONDOLENCE To You All. Rest In Peace Hannah. From: Melba Watson & Family”
“My deepest sympathy Hannah family”
“RIP dear its really really sad”
  • $19,116.58 donated
  • 613 generous donors

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