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Libby is a wonderful young woman who was diagnosed with Triple Negative grade 3 stage 2 Breast Cancer which has now spread to her brain.

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  Manawatu / Whanganui

Hey everyone -

With a heavy heart I have to tell you all Libby has been back in hospital...

She had struggled with headaches for the past two + weeks now, and after a 18 hour A&E stint she had a CT scan which showed a 23mm mass within the right cerebellar hemisphere of her brain which effects her balance and reflex’s. She had an MRI Tuesday afternoon that confirmed the mass is in fact cancer and has spread from her breast cancer.

She is having surgery to remove the mass in Wellington Hospital on Wednesday the 22nd July, she will be heading into Wellington on Tuesday to stay overnight.

Libby is currently at home spending quality time with Abel and preparing herself for this next step.

Libby is now considered “terminal” because due to the fact it has spread, there could be microscopic cells anywhere in her body. But she has got an enormous amount of fight left in her & let me tell you, she will do anything to be at her little guys side until the end of time.

Libby is feeling pretty good considering, she was given steroids to reduce the swelling which is easing the headaches a lot. She is a bit wobbly on her feet at times but otherwise good.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been at Libby’s side and helped with packing bags, keeping her company, looking after Abel and messaging her all night when she can’t sleep! It’s truly appreciated by her & our family so much to know she has such supportive & loving people in her corner 💕

Cara McBrier's involvement (page creator)

I am her cousin and she is currently fighting breast cancer.

Use of funds

Human hair wig & other costs involved with breast cancer treatment

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Oncology appointment post brain surgery  18 August 2020

Posted by: Olivia Lowe

The doctors told me today that they expect the cancer to come back in my brain, and they expect it to do so within the next few years.

If it does the only treatment option will likely be radiation depending where it shows up more surgery could be on the cards to.

They said it either will or it won’t that cancer cells don’t really mess around and that if there are more cells anywhere else in my brain they’ll be growing already and will pop up in scans.

They said there hoping it won’t come back anywhere else in my body.

they know my body reacts well to chemo so if for any reason it does come back in my body treatments vary but there’s lots they can do for me if this happens chemo wise.

They think immunotherapy is the way to go if that happens which isn’t government funded but may be covered by my insurance so I will look into this when and if the time comes.

This wasn’t really news to me, I knew the life expectancy for someone in my shoes was pretty slim, so it was a relief to hear a medical professional confirm and address this.

I was advised to do anything I want to do and anything I want to get done soon so I am prepared when the time comes.

I still feel like I have a hole bunch of life left to live and I don’t feel within myself that I’m going anywhere anytime soon and that has to count for something right?

I still have so many firsts of Abels to see!

And I 100% plan on seeing them!

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Wesh wishes for pushing thru and getting healthy again 😊😊
Margaret on 08 Aug 2020
All the best Libby.
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More hugs and prayers 💕

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