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Support the Victim's Family of the Botany Downs Car Accident 28/01/19

  • To Those Angels In Our Life     7 February 2019
    Posted by: Dr Jacky Lam

    Thank you!

    Thank you everyone for all the generous acts, words and donations.

    Our blissful family of four was completely unprepared for such a tragedy. Alan was our rock. It has literally felt like our sky has fallen. I don’t think it is possible to realize how much your spouse is carrying for you until they are gone.

    We’ve had an amazing group of very supportive group of family, friends and colleagues. They have been there for us 100% from the moment the police showed up at our doorsteps. It is with their encouragement and also the thoughtfulness of Dr Jacky Lam that the givealittle page was started. Dr Lam, whom we had and have never met, reached out to us and has done so much for our family.

    I was initially hesitant, fearing that increased publicity for the incident may impact the children. Our altered financial situation took a few days to dawn me. In the end, I am glad that we accepted the offer of assistance. The public’s generous support has been incredible. In addition to the funds, which will be a tremendous help to us as we try to navigate our lives from now, the kind messages have been a ray of light in our darkest hours. In the past few days, the messages, many from complete strangers, have moved us to tears. Everyone’s warm words and support has given us hope.

    I would like to assure everyone who has donated to us, privately and through givealittle, that the funds will be put to good use. We will use it with gratitude in our hearts and I try to repay everyone’s kindness by doing my best to raise our girls to be the most upstanding members of society.

    We would once again like to thank every single person that has helped us in anyway. Thank you for helping us through this most unfortunate tragedy. We hope that life can return to normal or become some version of normality as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much!

    Your sincerely,

    Hua Yang (Alan’s wife)

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  • 一封給所有在黑暗中給予我們家一點光一點希望的華人朋友們的致謝信     7 February 2019
    Posted by: Dr Jacky Lam



    在那一個風和日麗的星期一下午,就在意外的那一瞬间,我失去了我的丈夫,知己,答應和我同甘共苦,白头到老的另一半,我的孩子們也失去了她們至愛的父親。 我们的天塌了。我們家里的顶梁柱、那个每天忙前忙后、照顾我们的爸爸和老公,被無情的意外夺去了生命。天意弄人,當日我们还等着他回家吃晚饭,在毫无准备之下,灾祸就这样降临到了我的一家。

    天若無情,人間有愛。我们的家人和朋友, Alan 的同事们在第一时间來赶到,给予了我和孩子們最需要的安慰及支持。素未谋面的林医生盡力參與了我丈夫的搶救,及後更千方百计聯絡到我们,希望透過華人社區的力量来帮助我们,為了我丈夫、為了我和孩子們渡过难关。

    一开始的时候我是犹豫的,害怕消息公布後,会雪上加霜,对家庭尤其是两个孩子造成更深的傷害及影响。但在巨大的财务压力及失去丈夫主要家庭收入的情況下,最後我同意了Jacky 医生的建議及安排,透過Give a Little 盼望社会上善良的有心人可以帮助我們。


    我会妥善使用善款,完成我丈夫對孩子們的心願,讓她們好好學習,長大成人後,能回饋社會。我衷心感激每一位在givealittle 上帮助了我们的同胞、華社及華企。我將尽我最大的努力,教育及抚养两个孩子成材。让她们知道,在生命中最艰难的时刻,是社会上无数的好心人伸出了援手, 拉了我们一把; 更让孩子们謹记,要努力成为对社会有贡献的人才能报答大家的帮助及厚爱。




    遺孀 杨华敬上

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  • Target adjustment     3 February 2019
    Posted by: Dr Jacky Lam

    Hello everyone,

    A huge thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support we have received this morning. I am sure the family is touched by your generosity.

    I couldn't have imagined that we would be reaching the $50000 target that I had set up so quickly. I've had many of you reach out to me and asked to make it unlimited and I have contacted the givealittle team to make an amendment. But for the time being please keep donating as although there is a target, there is no limit. You should still be able to donate if you want to help.

    Thank you all again.

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