Support the Victim's Family of the Botany Downs Car Accident 28/01/19

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I wish we could have saved him at the scene but he could not be revived. The little we can do now is to help his family and hope he can RIP.


Many would have seen in the news of the shocking and almost inconceivable death of Mr Zhengwen Alan Hu on Monday the 28th of January. He was the third car waiting at a Botany Downs intersection when a fourth car struck at highspeed and shunted forward all three cars. His seat belt and airbags could not save him. It's a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and a lot of what ifs.

The tragedy does not end here.

Alan leaves behind his devoted wife and two young daughters aged 8 and 11. They went from a perfectly happy, health family to utter devastation in the blink of an eye. Their lives have been torn apart and it's hard to imagine how long and arduous the journey to recovery will be. On top of sorrow of losing her husband and their dad, they are now in financial hardship from the loss of his income.

Let's band together. We can't bring back Alan but we can help relieve some of the current and future financial burden for this family.

Dr Jacky Lam's involvement (page creator)

Her husband Alan was the victim of the car accident at Botany Downs during the Auckland Anniversary weekend. I was one of the first aiders who came and assisted and felt awful that I couldn’t do more and saw Alan pass away. I found out more after the accident that Alan is survived by his wife and two young daughters. I wish we can pull together and help his family raise some funds for his wife and his two daughters.

Use of funds

The Fund will be used for his funeral and to support Alan’s two young daughters as their educational fund.

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To Those Angels In Our Life  7 February 2019

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for all the generous acts, words and donations.

Our blissful family of four was completely unprepared for such a tragedy. Alan was our rock. It has literally felt like our sky has fallen. I don’t think it is possible to realize how much your spouse is carrying for you until they are gone.

We’ve had an amazing group of very supportive group of family, friends and colleagues. They have been there for us 100% from the moment the police showed up at our doorsteps. It is with their encouragement and also the thoughtfulness of Dr Jacky Lam that the givealittle page was started. Dr Lam, whom we had and have never met, reached out to us and has done so much for our family.

I was initially hesitant, fearing that increased publicity for the incident may impact the children. Our altered financial situation took a few days to dawn me. In the end, I am glad that we accepted the offer of assistance. The public’s generous support has been incredible. In addition to the funds, which will be a tremendous help to us as we try to navigate our lives from now, the kind messages have been a ray of light in our darkest hours. In the past few days, the messages, many from complete strangers, have moved us to tears. Everyone’s warm words and support has given us hope.

I would like to assure everyone who has donated to us, privately and through givealittle, that the funds will be put to good use. We will use it with gratitude in our hearts and I try to repay everyone’s kindness by doing my best to raise our girls to be the most upstanding members of society.

We would once again like to thank every single person that has helped us in anyway. Thank you for helping us through this most unfortunate tragedy. We hope that life can return to normal or become some version of normality as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!

Your sincerely,

Hua Yang (Alan’s wife)

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Sujith on 07 Feb 2019
May Alan's soul rest in peace. Praying from deep of my heart that you and your children recover from the great loss
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Guest Donor on 07 Feb 2019
N Ng
N Ng on 07 Feb 2019
Fazeela on 07 Feb 2019
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Guest Donor on 07 Feb 2019

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