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If drivers go on strike to try to get improved wages and conditions then this is a way to support them.

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There is a bus driver shortage. The pay (and conditions) are never high enough to attract and retain drivers so the turnover is huge. Trips are regularly cancelled. One of the main employers is currently proposing new pay rates and conditions for the next 3 years which are no better (and in some ways worse) than what drivers currently get.

It may well be that the drivers will have go on strike to try to get improved wages and conditions.

Since they have never been well paid, many would find that a few days without pay would really hurt their households.

So this page is for people to donate and support them. If drivers do not go on strike at anytime in 2021 any and all funds will be given to the Wellington Mary Potter Hospice which is a registered charity.

Info for drivers.....

To make a claim drivers will need to show pay slips that show they usually work at least 35 hours per week to be considered full time. They will also need to show relevant weekly pay slips showing the strike days as unpaid and they have not been paid for more than 5 other days in that pay week

Below is a driver pay out example - it shows that the amount takes into account full and part time as well as the number of days each is on strike ie its fairly allocated.

Example only: If there is $10,000 raised after Give-a-little fees and there are 100 full time (ft) and 20 part time (pt) drivers who go on strike. 60 (ft) and 6 (pt) strike for 3 days, 30 (ft) and 7 (pt) strike for 2 days and 10 (ft) and 7 (pt) strike for 1 day.

Then the ft that strike for 3 days get in total each $111.32 and pt $55.66. Strike for 2 days and the figures are $74.21 (ft) and $37.11 (pt) and 1 day $37.11 (ft) and) 18.55 (pt).

If the amount raised is very small and/or the strike goes on for ages and/or large numbers of drivers strike some drivers payout may be less than $5. In those cases they will not be paid out and these payout funds pooled and sent onto the charity (Mary Potter Hospice) instead.

If you're a driver and would like to apply for financial support from this fund, you can contact me at

Frank Lawton's involvement (page creator)

I was a bus driver and retired a few years ago. The pay was not good then and has not improved. Something needs to change.

Use of funds

The money will go to drivers who strike for better pay and conditions.

If drivers do not go on strike at anytime in 2021 any and all funds will be given to the Wellington Mary Potter Hospice which is a registered charity. Should there be a strike(s) the Hospice will be given any claims under $5 (see above).

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The Driver market place  25 April 2021

Posted by: Frank Lawton


I drove buses for a few years when Go Wellington was the local brand (and the then owner was Infratil). I have been retired a few years and besides setting up this give a little page I often write to the GWRC (Metlink) with how I see things and what solutions might work for different problems.

So if you are interested in some detail about the numbers behind the dispute below is a link to the core parts of an email I sent Metlink this evening. Happy reading.

TL;DR - the GWRC (metlink) needs to be involved more than it is if any real change is to happen.

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Latest donations

Aaron 4 days ago
Mandy on 23 Apr 2021
Thanks for creating this way for the public to directly support drivers. I hope you’re successful in attracting more donors. I wonder if it could be flagged in communications about the union petition eg through Together? Anyway, good on you and thanks again.
Dave on 23 Apr 2021
Kia kaha!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 23 Apr 2021
Wayne on 22 Apr 2021
This employer wants the drivers to be available to work 10 hours over a 14 hour period for 5-6 days a week. Give up a weeks holiday a year and overtime rates. What sort of work/life balance is this?? These drivers have your (and your children's) lives in their hands.

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