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Help Rebecca get treatment for Brain Cancer and come back home to New Zealand.

Cause page created in the Health category by Renee Shaw for Rebecca Hoppe

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Breast cancer survivor to brain tumour fighter. Rebecca needs support for a new medication which could significantly prolong her life.

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My name is Rebecca Hoppe, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last September when I was only 34 years old.

My husband Michael and I have been living in New Zealand for 13 years and were living and working in beautiful Nelson for the past couple of years.

We were just getting ready to buy a house.

In August, when I had the all clear from my doctors after undergoing surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy,  I decided that I was going to surprise my little brother for his wedding and took a month off work to fly to Germany. After arriving in Germany I suffered from terrible vertigo and headaches and a CT scan of my head revealed that the breast cancer had spread to my brain. I was immediately admitted to hospital and I received radiation to shrink the tumours in my brain. My husband Michael had to quit our jobs in Nelson and flew over from NZ to be with me straight away.  

Now we’re stranded in Germany since I am unable to travel. The doctors' prognosis for me is not great, but there is an option to try a new medication called Lynparza which could significantly prolong my life. Unfortunately, this medication will cost about $12,000 a month and at this stage, it’s not likely that our private Health Insurance in New Zealand or the German Health System will fund this treatment for me.

My greatest wish is to beat cancer and come back to NZ and continue with our plans of our own home and to start a family. Without getting this medication, I am worried, this will just be a dream.

Testimonies from Rebecca and Mikes New Zealand Friends

“Karanga Mai Karanga Mai ki tenei Aotearoa Na Mihi Atu Kia Koutau..The call is going out to everyone in New Zealand and I greet you all. I've had the honour of knowing Rebecca and Michael Hoppe since 2005. I met Michael while working together in Queenstown and forming a great bond and friendship along with Rebecca. They are native to Germany and came to New Zealand while on their OE and quickly fell in love with the kiwi way of life becoming New Zealand residence and making it their home. Even though we've been living in other places in NZ our friendship has remained just as strong. Last year things took a turn for both of them with Rebecca being diagnosed with a rear form of cancer, which went into remission only to come back aggressively in August while Rebecca made a surprise visit to Germany to be with her family. Michael has had to drop everything at the last minute and return to Germany to be by her side. Rebecca is in desperate need of the medication to help her recover however the shortfall from their Health Insurance and help from family and friends has left them with a lot to fund. This give a little page has been set up to help Rebecca bridge this financial gap and burden to have this treatment she needs so her and Michael can return back to NZ and carry on with their life they so much miss. So, please!! If you can help donate a little... This will go along way.. We love and miss Rebecca and Michael so and can't wait for their return. No reira Tino Arohanui Aotearoa Tena Koutau Katoa.” Aaron Waata

“I am lucky enough to be friends with a funny, caring and awesome person Bex Hoppe for 13 years now and she does not deserve what's been dished out to her with this horrible cancer. Let's raise some money so we can continue to create some great memories with this special person.” Chantelle Speedy

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Becs and Mike for the past 13 years, I worked with Becs at real journeys where she managed the Visitor centre. Becs and Mike are a lovely couple with beautiful souls, they are fun loving people who care about family, friends and wider community they live in. Becs is a very kind and caring person with a big personality and even bigger smile, with a fondness for the colour purple, Becs has a great sense of humour and a laugh which fills the room. It breaks my heart to see Becs going through such a tough time with cancer I hope we can all give a little to try and help such a lovely kind person.”Jamie Abel

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca and Mike since 2004 when Rebecca and I worked together at Walter Peak in Queenstown, we all have been great friends ever since. The feeling of waiting for one of your best mates to get the treatment that could potentially prolong her life is heart-wrenching. I would never have thought that paperwork could really have such an impact on someone’s lifeline, but now I see it’s a reality for so many. When I told Becs to check out the Give a Little page as it might be a way we can raise some funds to help, her initial response was “Oh that website is amazing! I’m going to donate to someone too” Selfless, inspirational and a heart of gold is Rebecca Hoppe. Please show your support to help us in a time of need and we will be sure to pay it forward.” Renee Shaw

Initial funds raised will be used to try a new medication called Lynparza which could significantly prolong Rebecca's life, this medication will cost about $12,000 a month.

Any excess funds will be used to bring Rebecca and Mike back to New Zealand and support her future medical bills.

Page created by:

Renee Shaw


Based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Renee Shaw has created this page with the vision that sometimes it only takes one act of kindness and caring to change a persons life... All page funds are for her close friend Rebecca Hoppe who is in need of some urgent support.

All funds raised benefit:

Rebecca Hoppe


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Rebecca Hoppe.

  • $16,391.20 donated
  • 107 generous donors

$16,391 donated

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