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  • Results!     19 April 2017

    Hi everyone,

    Its been a while, but I thought you'd all be really pleased to know that some good stuff has happened in regards to how Kaikoura and the surrounding region is going to deal with the earthquake waste.

    The donations we received from all you generous people not only went to supporting IWK in the short term, but also into the development of a plan for how to deal with the deconstruction waste over the longer term. Last week the Minister for the Environment announced a $2.6million dollar package to make that plan a reality.

    Here are a couple of links for more information about the package:




    This is an important step for Kaikoura in terms of the rebuild, but will also provide some important lessons for other communities in disaster situations.

    Once again, thanks for your support!

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  • Update from Rob Roche     29 November 2016

    Well its day 13 its 7.30am Sunday 27th November 2016 and the “new normal” means its about an hour before “rush hour” which actually tends to last 3-4 hours and especially if it’s a hot day. Bit of a north wester blowing, so its warm today. I managed to get a few hours off yesterday, thanks to Karen Driver (Nelson) and Nicky Pang (Karamea) arriving yesterday. Best sleep last night in 2 weeks! Yesterday my Wife, Jen and I managed to start getting our house liveable. Even started to think of the future!! Very cool……..Tauranga looks like a cool place to visit?

    The IWK sight is holding up well, though sustained some damage in the quake, we have made the repairs and modifications needed to keep going safely. The team get my chin wobbling when I think of them! They have been un believable. They haven’t just been legend resource recovery guys they have been social workers and counselors this week! (including to their boss at times!). We will have a million stories by the end of this thing. We are keeping up well with the flow of material that is coming in, and are diverting from landfill as per normal, very well, however I suspect Raglan are going to whip us this month in the diversion data stakes! We do anticipate an increase in some future waste material, but have an awesome plan for that material recovery and reuse, watch this space.

    Just really wanted to get this message out quickly to acknowledge the support both CRN members and WasteMinz members have shown us over the last 13 days weather by message or by supporting the Give a little fund. We are truly humbled by this. There has been massive amounts of it and its so hard to acknowledge it all individually. Please forgive me if I haven’t got back to you in person and rest assured we are receiving it and when I get out of here you will have no doubt of just how much it has meant, one on one….Im a bit of an emotional rooster at times, so apologies in advance!

    There is a real sense in Kaikoura that we need to battle through this as a tight community. For example, we now have a local labour force we didn’t have 2 weeks ago. We have good plans on how we can use our new local work force. I urge anyone wanting to help us from outside of our district to contact the appropriate people at Recovery Kaikoura. I would suggest calling 03 3195026.

    For those of you that went to our presentation at WasteMinz a few weeks ago titled “Waste as an Indicator” , Im sure you will know that we are a resilient lot. Co-incidentally the paper is due to be published in the LG magazine in December. This was mainly written by Rachel Vaughan., from Kaikoura District Council. Rachel has done an outstanding job as part of the emergency effort to start with and now is a key member of the Kaikoura Recovery Team. One of the many local heroes to come out of this event.

    Thanks again guys. Couple of photos attached. Feel free to publish this if you want to. See you real soon.


    Rob Roche

    General Manager

    Innovative Waste Kaikoura Ltd

    P O Box 107

    Kaikoura 7340

    T: 03 319 7148

    F: 03 319 7149

    M: 027 460 0255

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  • One week in     22 November 2016

    Hey everyone, thanks for you generous support and especially the super kind messages that you're sending the IWK team.

    A quick update on how they're doing. There was some damage to the site, but they've been able to maintain their normal activities and are still out there doing collections and open for receiving materials. Large quantities of food waste came in first, as the supermarkets etc had to get rid of all the damaged goods. Extra household and building waste has started to be received as residents start the process of clean-up. Its a 7 day a week operation at the moment so we've decided to send in a couple of volunteers at the end of the week who will be able to step in and let some of the IWK staff have some well deserved time off. Next week, we'll do the same, and hopefully Rob will get to take a couple of days off. Alongside that, a team of people have been working to help IWK develop a proposal around how a zero waste driven rebuild process might look. It's been pretty special seeing how much everyone wants to help and Rob and the team are incredibly thankful for all of you.

    Nga mihi nui,


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  • $7,425.20 donated
  • 95 generous donors

$7,425 donated

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