Help James Huang and His Family

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Help James Huang and His Family


Background of Incident

Around 12 noon last Friday (July 9), a truck collided with a car on Brigham Creek Road in Whenuapai, causing two deaths on the spot. The two deceased were a Chinese couple: 36-year-old James Huang and 33-year-old Mao Wen.

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Introduction of James and Mao Wen

James Huang and Mao Wen have lived in Auckland for about 7-8 years and have just completed immigration. James is an IT Engineer while Mao Wen is an acupuncturist. They have no children and just bought a house in the West District. This unfortunate incident occurred when James drove Mao Wen to work.

At present, both parties’ families are in China. James’ family comes from rural Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, with poor economic conditions. Since young, his parents have raised money with his family to support James’ overseas education fees. As his parents have no source of income, they have been heavily dependent on their son for their finances.

James and his wife strived very hard in pursuit of success and creating a name for themselves, with the eventual goal of bringing his family over to New Zealand to live a good life.

Eulogies from Friends and Colleagues

Friends and colleagues wrote eulogies to James Huang and were proud of how he had lived his life:

“James is very knowledgeable and he believes technology can change the world. He is like a brother and teacher, always giving advice and support. He will always live in our hearts and his spirit and legacy will remain in the world of tech.”

“He is a caring colleague, always resolving disputes during disagreements. When another colleague encountered an accident, he donated his annual leave out of goodwill, despite his poor family situation. He also actively participates in public welfare undertakings and provides his codes to programmers all over the world for free, benefiting at least 3,000 people.”

“I am deeply impressed by all the technical discussions with you. I admire your pursuit for technology and desire for knowledge and you helped improve my communication skills.”

“It is hard to accept the fact of James and his wife's death. His kindness, hard work, and wisdom left a deep impression on us. James is a geek who dreams to change the world with technology. Just like how God took away Manadona and Kobe Bryant because he likes football and basketball, the only reason we can accept this is that God likes geeks too”

Parents Just Want to Bring their Children Home

During this epidemic, the New Zealand border has been closed. James’ family will face issues such as ACC claims and inheritance division. The family hopes to get assistance from the New Zealand Chinese Society as well as free legal aid.

At present, the family requires help in these four areas:

1. Someone to provide free legal aid

2. Someone to volunteer in English and help communicate with relevant government departments;

3. Someone to provide legal assistance for insurance payments, inheritance, etc.

4. Donations to assist the two families through this difficult time.

We require urgent assistance for James Huang and his family during this difficult time.

Please spread the word to help the family. If you would like to provide assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via

Ping Lin's involvement (page creator)

Friend and colleague of James' family

Use of funds

1. Donations to assist the two families through this difficult time (visa application, flight tickets, quarantine, etc)

2. Legal consultant

3. Support the parents of them with poor economic conditions and bad health conditions

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Latest update

Parents are in the process of visa application  24 July 2021

Parents are allowed to come to New Zealand from immigration office. Still waiting the final approval of visa for parents

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