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Dedicated Mum needs help

Closed Cause page created in the Health category by Lara Camage for Paula Stockley

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My sister needs help with funding caregivers for her severely autistic son while she has an operation to remove cancer.

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Rehabilitation Disability Cancer

This page is for Paula, Lockie and Jake. She is my sister and for me and my sister Lisa and my Mum and dad she is the the very best person we know. She is the first person to offer to help others in time of need, many of you will have been on the receiving end of that help. So now I am asking if we can just all help her a little bit, to give her support to get her through this. She rarely asks for help, puts other before her own needs even with everything that life has thrown at her particularly in the last few years.

My sister has just been diagnosed with cancer and ensuring her two teenaged boys are looked after during her treatment worries her deeply. Her eldest son, Lockie, is severely autistic and requires a very high level of care and constant supervision. She is an amazing mum to Lockie, she sees his wonderful soul and loves him whole heartedly. I have watched her struggle with raising the boys by herself, dealing with their ups and downs. She gives her time to help with LifeKidz the after school and holiday program for special needs kids. She battles constantly to support Lockie and give him the best she can. Others do not see the struggle or the toll this takes, because she always presents such a bubbly exterior.

She needs an operation to remove her cancer which means at least 3+ months of recovery. Family and friends will support her but we feel we need help for caring for Lockie during this period. Paula is a solo mum on a low income. I am trying to raise funds to help her with paying caregivers for Lockie and her living costs with the prolonged time off work.

I know you all have your own commitments and issues to deal with, so we appreciate any support you can give. In this case a little will mean so much and make a big difference in Paula's, Lockie's and Jake's life.

Any contributions will be gratefully received.

We are looking to raise funds to help with the care of Lockie while she is in hospital and after when in recovery. Lockie is most comfortable in familiar surroundings so he is best to remain at home and caregivers will be brought in to look after Paula and her boys whilst she recovers from this cancer. The funds will also be used to help with the families living costs during the prolonged time off work.

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Lara Camage


Paula is my sister. Me and my sister Lisa and mu Mum and Dad wanted to support her in anyway we can. There is often very little we can do to help her, this is something we could do.

All funds raised benefit:

Paula Stockley

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Paula Stockley.

  • $14,798.72 donated
  • 129 generous donors

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