We need a hardstand at Okahu Bay

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The hardstand at Okahu Bay is to be closed to make way for dinghy storage. Is the hardstand a regional resource worth saving?

Orakei, Auckland

The Ōrākei Local Board has chosen to close the hardstand at Okahu Bay (the Landing) and turn that area over to boat storage.

Hardstands are essential for moored boats to haul out for maintenance and cleaning.

Invasive species attach to boats and are spread as boats move around unless the boat is cleaned.

Auckland Council requires boats to be hauled and cleaned but the Ōrākei Local board is closing their largest facility in the Waitematā.

The loss of this asset cedes Caulerpa Brachypus a foothold. Boaties wishing to comply must travel out of the area and face significant extra compliance costs.

Your donation is needed to require Auckland Council to review the Ōrākei Local Board decision.

We are also fundraising for Bayswater Marina: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/bayswater-marina-needs-to-remain-a-marine-precinct

Use of funds

AYBA intends to stop the Ōrākei Local Board closing the Okahu Bay hardstand. Funds will be used to cover associated legal costs.

If funds are not used for The Landing Hardstand we ask your consent to use the funds to oppose residential development at Bayswater Marina.

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Clear public support for a hardstand at The Landing  31 October 2023

Ōrākei Local Board asked for feedback on their decision to close the hardstand at The Landing and the response from ratepayers is NO.

Results of the Ōrākei Local Board public consultation on retention of the hardstand at Okahu Bay shows a clear majority (64%) support retention of a short stay haul out and hardstand facility for boat cleaning and/or anti-foul application.

There were 1,558 respondents of which 617 were Ōrākei residents. The response shows the hardstand is a regional issue and the Ōrākei Local Board does not have a mandate for closure.

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