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To support Suzi travelling to the Arcadia Clinic, an alternative cancer treatment clinic, in Germany.

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Family Support Special Travel Cancer

I have been diagnosed with a very rare type of uterine cancer that has now spread to my lungs. I have been told it is Stage 4 and incurable, but I am an optimist who has much to live for and I believe in the power of love to heal. With your help I hope to fly to Germany and embark on an alternative healing approach that instinctively feels right to me.

A bit about me : I feel very lucky to have lived a large part of my adult life as a musician and for the last 4 years I have been privileged to front The Johnnys, the world’s only all female Johnny Cash Band, an inspiring musical project with two great gals, Liala and Jo, that has taken me on a wild journey of joy and self discovery. In 2012 we played at the Johnny Cash Festival in California, sharing the stage with the Queen of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson, and were even endorsed by Cindy Cash herself.

Just recently I met my soul mate and we are engaged to be married. I have the most delightful, adorable daughter who is only 3 ½ and also co-parent my partner’s two other children aged 5 and 7.

In the later part of last year I was experiencing intense uterus/abdominal pain and bleeding as well as unusual and unrelenting fatigue. My GP told me this was the beginning of menopause and I was put on a course of hormone medication to attempt to regulate my menstrual cycle.

On Jan 6th I was admitted to emergency with hemorrhaging and extreme pain to the point of vomiting and unconsciousness. A subsequent ultra sound revealed a large fibroid in my uterus that was thought to be very common and usually benign.

Six weeks later I had a routine hysterectomy to remove the troublesome fibroid. Pathology then revealed that the fibroid was in fact a Leiomyosarcoma tumour, a very rare type of uterine cancer. A CT scan then showed that the cancer has already spread to my lungs and it is Stage 4....a secondary cancer and the worst stage there is.

On Monday 23 March the oncologist delivered the devastating news that this rare type of cancer I have is incurable and that there is only at best a 50% chance that chemotherapy could slow down the progression of the disease.

Since the terminal diagnosis I have been in shock and have felt like I am drowning in my grief and uncertainty. I have never cried so much in my life and have been bewildered as to how to face this and still somehow enjoy my wonderful life.

My fiancé is the most beautiful loving person I could ever dream of and together we have 3 beautiful children. I want to live. I want to see our children grow up, watch them running in a race on sports day, singing in the school choir and hear them laughing and playing in the sea in summer. My love for my children, my fiancé, my family and friends and living life has lead me on a determined journey to seek hope and healing in alternative therapies to treat my cancer.

After much research and synchronicity I discovered the Arcadia Cancer Clinic in Germany offers a range of treatments that instinctively feel right for me. Arcadia provide alternative cancer treatments including full body hyperthermia, intravenous oxygen therapy and High Dose Vitamin C Infusions to name a few.

So I now need to raise $80,000 towards the costs of travel, one month’s intensive residential treatment and taking my fiancé with me for support.

It’s been 4 weeks now since being told I have a terminal illness...and yesterday learnt that my cancer only affects 4 in a million women, wow what odds!

I am resolved to living through this…..wellness is the only outcome for me.

I am a mother, a soul mate, a sister, a daughter and a friend...I also believe I am connected to you all and my purpose here is to love, be loved and to be kind. I want to thank all of my people, my tribe of wonderful souls for your incredible generosity and love and your unfaltering belief in my ability to overcome this mountainous life challenge. I am truly blessed. Thanks for your support.

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  • Vicki and Abe

    Vicki and Abe on 30 May 2015


    Wishing you health with all our love xxx


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 28 May 2015



  • Jane and Sharon

    Jane and Sharon on 26 May 2015


    "Mine is not the strength of one but the strength of many"....we love you Suzi xx


  • Nelson fun park

    Nelson fun park on 21 May 2015


    Hope treatment is going well.xx


  • Plinkers

    Plinkers on 21 May 2015


    Best wishes for your treatment.


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“Songs for Suzi raised a total of $12928. Ticket sales $9852, donations $2010, silent auction $1066. Thanks so much to all everyone who contributed, performed, attended. What a fantastic send off for Suzi.”
“Hi Suzi, sorry I missed the concert but great to see it was sold out. All the best in Germany. Stay strong - heaps of love from Nelson.”
“Best Wishes Suzi xx”
“Go well Suzi - Lots of positive healing thought come with this! Safe travels! Kia kaha”
“Thanks again to all the people who came tonight & bought my products :)”
“from one muso the another - good luck and thanks for the music.”
“Good luck Suzi, I hope your treatment is successful and you are soon back doing what you love!”
“You blew my wife and I away at the Topp Twins concert in Invercargill. Thank you”
“Sorry we cant make it to the concert tomorrow night, Best of Luck Suzi.”
“Sending Love and Blessings your way. So looking forward to seeing you gals perform again soon. I need to show my daughter how you all rock. She missed out on Pete's 60th because she was in Napier at a couple of 21sts. Come back to Chch soon, Lots of love Kelly and Kim xx”
$19,671 of $80,000 goal

Given by 223 generous donors in one month


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