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SVSG Measles Prevention & Helping Hand Outreach - Updates - Givealittle

  • The Road to Recovery: Samoa's Measles Epidemic     20 May 2020
    Posted by: SVSG Samoa
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    With a total of 1,216 people from 140 families who have lost 70 children to the measles outbreak in November and December 2019 assisted by the SVSG Measles Outreach Program, Samoa Victim Support Group knew that the road to recovery to help rebuild our affected families, required kindness, generosity and hard work.

    Throughout January and February 2020, SVSG hit the Road to Recovery, taking the Group back to the families who have lost children to the measles.

    We saw how death had brought families closer together. There was an appreciative feeling towards life in general among families who have lost children to the measles, especially knowing how precious life is when seeing loved ones taken too soon.

    For other families, there remain to be too many children not in school as the parents were not yet fully recovered as they were still in mourning. Even the children who were affected by the measles and have recovered still looked weak.

    For 19 years old Noella Fa’atauu’u, who was 7 months into her pregnancy when she lost her 12 months old daughter Noel to the measles, we found her with another bundle of joy. She smiled to us through her tears when we visited her in February, as she cradled her 6 weeks old Baby Miracle. We could tell how Noella's newborn has helped her recover from losing her eldest child to the measles, despite the pain still visible behind her smile.

    With time, wounds left by the departed children victims of the measles will heal. And through your kindness and generosity, we have paved the road to recovery for our affected families here in Samoa.

    We pray for you and your families safety as we are faced with the global challenges of the COVID-19.

    From your family here at Samoa Victim Support Group, stay safe and stay blessed.

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  • A Day Before Christmas     24 December 2019
    Posted by: SVSG Samoa
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    In 12 more hours, we will celebrate the receiving of the greatest gift of all, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    It will also mark the end of the Measles Fundraising by SVSG for its Measles Outreach for our families who have lost children to the measles.

    As a Family, we have stood together through these hard times. And as a Family, let us rally together once more and give generously for the surviving parents and siblings of our precious children called to rest way too soon.

    Happy holidays everyone. God bless!

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  • The Resilience Behind the Smile!     19 December 2019
    Posted by: SVSG Samoa
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    As the SVSG Measles Outreach team traveled about 35 minutes out of town towards the western coast of Upolu, there was the usual silence in the vehicles as we neared Fasitoo-uta, the designation for Day 8 of the Community Outreach.

    This is because of the anticipated mood within the households affected by the measles as we have experienced while on the road over the last 2 weeks. But the Team’s first stop was a bright yellow house that greeted us with a ‘God is Good’ writing on wall. And this reminder was enough to get us through the 118 residence of the 20 families at Fasitoo-uta reached by the Program.

    The highlight of the Outreach at Fasitoo-uta were the smiles we were greeted with by the families. These are the parents and children with fresh wounds from the loss of loved ones. These are the most vulnerable; especially the children and the underprivilege, yet, through their smiles, it was their way of getting through all this.

    And this is the resilience of our people with unwavering faith; that despite the measles epidemic and the darkness that it brought to our journey as a country, God is Good.

    To date, the SVSG Measles Outreach had reached a total of 80 families comprised of 562 people of which 28 were children died from the measles.

    Time heals, and as we draw closer to Christmas, we pray for peace and joy for the people of Samoa, especially the parents who have lost precious children to this catastrophe.

    We sincerely acknowledge the continuous from our families and friends overseas through the Givealittle fundraising, which is assisting us in helping our people in this time of need.

    God bless!

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  • The Strength of a Community in Solidarity     12 December 2019
    Posted by: SVSG Samoa
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    As we progressed on this 9th day of the 21 days SVSG Measles Outreach, we have seen the strength of a community in solidarity, and how it helped to ease the aching pain of loosing our precious children, way too soon, to the measles epidemic.

    Through their tears, young mothers who have lost children to the measles are finding hope in the love of their families, and strength in knowing that people out there really care.

    Thank you to all our families and friends for standing together with us in strengthening our support for our people in Samoa during these trying times.

    Your generous donations through the SVSG Givealittle Measles Outreach have helped us reach 52 families in 7 villages, comprised of 383 children and 67 adults).

    We have been there as Family to 14 grieving parents who have lost a total of 18 children to the measles.

    God bless you all for your giving hearts. Together, we are Stronger!

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