Updates: Tanya Jacob and David Hines Human Rights Appeal

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    Tanya and I won the right to make submissions in Jeff McClintock's court case. But the conditions were so pathetic, we would not be allowed to bring any evidence, except for the (impressive) reviews of Bible in Schools teaching by Prof Paul Morris.

    Tomorrow (April 26) Jeff's lawyer Richard Francois begins an appeal in the Court of Appeal, aimed at giving us wider rights. I would like us to have full rights, to present evidence of religious harm in primary schools, secondary schools, from parents teachers, members of all religions.

    We watch from the sidelines in this step, which is frustrating. It's like the tail wagging the dog; Richard's first target was Red Beach School, just one of 800 affected schools.

    But one way or another we intend to be giving our full evidence in court later this year.

    October at a guess.

    We appreciate the dedication of our supporters who have contributed $9200 since this page started. About $1700 of that came in the last two days, when I was interviewed on TV3's show The Nation.

    click the link above. It's about 12 minutes.

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    Tanya and I have just applied to join Jeff McClintock's case in the High Court, bringing our new witnesses, new goals and extra counsel to fight for them.

    Jeff McClintock is a fellow-member of the Secular Education Network, fighting against bad treatment of his daughter at Red Beach School, and also fighting against laws that permit Bible in Schools.

    His case comes to court in April 26.

    It will be a rush to get our evidence ready in that time, so we're hoping the hearing will be adjourned.

    Our application to join Jeff's hearing could be heard in a couple of weeks.

    David has already been helping Jeff's case, getting an expert witness to comment on the various Bible in Schools syllabuses.

    Tanya and I have been working for weeks with our counsel and witnesses preparing for the switch to the High Court.

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  • Heading for the High Court     02 February 2016

    When our campaign began in July 2014 we applied to the Human Rights Commission, who set up a mediation between us and the Ministry of Education. That negotiation is continuing and could lead to new guidelines to schools to reduce religious discrimination.

    In August 2015 we took the next step: applying to go to the Human Rights Review Tribunal, to complain about the laws that permit religious bullying and other harm.

    On February 2, 2016 we engaged legal advisors to guide our next move. They said: the Human Rights Review Tribunal is not the way to go. The best way to get the law changes we want is to apply to the High Court, joining another legal campaign which is already under way. This will happen in a couple of weeks. It's great news, but it means we need to raise tens of thousands of dollars.

    And that may not be the end. With such a major change to our schools, it could end up in the Court of Appeal.

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  • $23,286.05 donated
  • 223 generous donors

$23,286 donated

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