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Ross Thacker Fund

Cause page created in the Health category by Ian Utiger for "Ross Thacker's partner Lucie & daughter Salote Thacker"

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Ross Thacker lost his battle with cancer at age 37 when his daughter was only 8 weeks old. Raising funds to support partner and daughter.

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Please help with funding for Lucie and Salote. Friends were hoping to create a 'college' fund for daughter Salote, but as we are unsure of what the future may hold have decided partner Lucie will have sole discretion as and when needed.

This was a new family starting out, and when they got the dreaded diagnosis I know Ross wasn't prepared, ie; no medical or life insurance, and the typical debts, student loan would be massive I imagine.

An amazing guy who would've moved mountains to make his family happy and safe. And partner Lucie was too good a person to have this happen. A very good cause.

Ian Utiger's involvement (page creator)

Ross was one of my oldest and closest friends. Anything to provide ongoing support his family.

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Update and Heartfelt Thanks from Lucy  1 July 2016

Posted by: Ian Utiger

There are no words to express how thankful I am for the help and support we have received in the months since Ross' passing. I have been well and truly humbled by the love and generosity of people. I don't know how to thank or repay this kindness but I thought an update on Ross' gorgeous daughter Salote was due at least.

As you can see from the photos she's an incredibly happy child and blissfully unaware of the sadness that surrounded her entry into this world. I'm yet to see Ross or even myself in her looks however it's evident who her father is from her nature. She is a very sociable and makes friends wherever she goes, be it with adults, children or dogs! Her inquisitive nature is a delight to watch, not content just to play with a toy, she needs to see how it was made and what it is capable of doing!

This girl is very busy, she started crawling at 6 months and just this week at aged 10 months she has taken her first unassisted steps.

Words are yet to come but she babbles on quite happily. On the occasions when she does cry, it tends to be more in frustration that she is unable to do something rather than any other reason! I can see she's going to be an independent and highly spirited young lady.

I look forward to watching her grow and seeing Ross' traits shine through. I shall be sure to let her know how loved and well regarded her father was. His only wishes for her that we spoke of were that she be healthy, happy and kind. So far she is fulfilling his wishes and that makes me so happy.

Much love, Lucie xxx

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Latest donations

Friends from Italy and France
Friends from Italy and France on 23 Apr 2016
Dear Salote, Receive our little contribution, in memory of your father. My former team mates Claudio, Francesco (and Elena), from Gran Sasso Rugby, Italy, and two new team mates of mine, Christophe and Nicolas, from LFDB Rugby Toulouse, France, want to express all together their support, as only the world of rugby can do. Rugby, which allowed me to meet your father and play with him. Love to you and your family, Antonio
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 08 Mar 2016
Martin Bridges
Martin Bridges on 19 Nov 2015
Ramen on 18 Nov 2015
Just heard about this and I'm stunned. Ross was an amazing guy, a great rugby player and always in the best of health whenever I saw him (bar the standard grazes on his elbows/knees). He'll be sorely missed. My best wishes to Lucie and Salote in the months and years ahead, cherish those memories.
Rugby Trento
Rugby Trento on 11 Nov 2015
We will never forget your smile Ross! A hug to Lucie and Salote from all our players. Rugby Trento teammates 2007-2008

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Paying to a verified bank account of Louise Campbell on behalf of Ross Thacker's partner Lucie & daughter Salote Thacker

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