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Okay so I met the love of my life this past summer and it just so happens that he was in NZ on a working visa (OFCOURSE hes international coz NZ dudes just ain’t the one) and that working visa ended last Friday (31st Jan) so he had to fly back to America .. the story doesn’t end there tho. We both decided to pursue a long distance rship coz let’s be honest, we both deserve love and eachother and we would hate ourselves if we didn’t try. And this is where your help comes into play: I’m planning to fly to San Francisco to see him in May (gonna stay for about a month coz we need to make the most of it) and decided to set up a crowd fund to help me w finances (coz y’all know America be expenny as hell!!!) ofcourse I’m going to save up my own money, but the crowdfund money will DEF help out heaps. It’ll make our trip even more litty! I’m not gonna lie to you guys and pretend I’m donating to some holy organisation (ALL shade to eats ppl who do that) It literally will be extra spending money for the both of us. It will go towards cute couple stuff aka turning up, food, flights if we wanted to randomly go on a trip, shopping, touristy tingz etc. So yeah.. ANY DONATION WILL BE FOREVER APPRECIATED!!! If you wanna get in on the fun, ya’ll can literally share our journey w us via my Instagram: _queenoftonga if you don’t already! We’ve been pretty open w our rship online so you know EXACTLY what’s gonna go down in May. A whole lotta US!!! #SammyAndLeahTakeAmerica #YouLoveToSeeIt #BoodUpSummer

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It will go towards cute couple stuff aka turning up, food, flights if we wanted to randomly go on a trip, shopping, touristy tingz etc.

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OUR LOVE IS THRIVING!!!  12 February 2020

Wanted to give an update to thank everyone who has donated so far 💕 thank you for believing and supporting our love. Sammy and I are literally counting down the days til I fly out to him. May 8th is the date!!! YASSS! Also to update all the haters in the comment section of the Stuff article.. Your comments reflect the ugly people you are and have nothing to do us. WE GOOD HONEY ☺️ Keep updated through Instagram: @_queenoftonga

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EMA on 04 Mar 2020
Love your spirit and am a firm believer in LOVE. Get your man’s luv! 💙
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 Mar 2020
Because I hate, hate and love, love x
Leah Pao

Appreciate your donation and your words!! Thank you!!! ❤️

Leah Pao
@aimlit on 04 Mar 2020
I love seeing love flourish, y’all are incredible x This is me manifesting love bish!
Leah Pao

Thank you so much!!! Love has its way of hitting you when you least expect it. Trrrust me. I was happily living my single hoe ways then BOOM!! Sammy came into my life and I never looked back. Manifesting it for you too 💕 appreciate your donation!

Leah Pao
Jada Nahaia
Jada Nahaia on 03 Mar 2020
It’s not much, but I hope it helps sissy xx
Leah Pao

Love you down sissy! That’s us in June!! Promise it’ll be the most litty time 💕

Leah Pao
Tarapuhi on 25 Feb 2020
🙌🏼 Decolonisation is investing in Brown love!!
Leah Pao

Appreciate your donation and love your words!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!

Leah Pao

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