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on 11 Feb 2020

Tau asks

Hello Leah.

The world should be full of wonderful love stories like yours. I see you are seeking 2k. I don't know much about givealittle. Am I able to give a lot more than that? I just don't want to stop you obtaining any more if I go past the limit.

Warmest regards,



Hi Tau,

Thank you for your message and thank you for seeing our story for what it is - a story of love. I have been publicly bashed through the Facebook comment section of the Stuff article, so for you to see it for what it is, is amazing. You can donate as much as you would like, it will not affect the target of $2000 if the amount goes over.

Warm regards,


Leah Pao
on 5 Feb 2020

Ripu asks

Hi Leah,

I’m Ripu, a journalist at Stuff.

It seems like you have a really cool love story here - I would love to write an article about it!

This could help generate a lot of interest in your Givealittle as Stuff has millions of readers.

Let me know if you’re interested 😊

Best wishes,

Ripu Bhatia

Stuff Auckland reporter

027 278 5711

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