The Opal Place - Helping Parents in Prison Stay Connected with their kids & youth

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Help me provide free resources to parents inside prison so they can grow & maintain healthy & loving relationship with their kids.

I started a website called The Opal Place ( that provides my Free resources to families with a loved one in prison, Corrections Staff, Teachers & Guidance Councillors, Chaplains, Social Workers & anyone else who has contact with parents inside prison or their awesome & courageous children.

You see - I know first-hand what its like to be a scared kid in foster care & I know what its like to be an anxious parent inside prison trying their best to parent & guide their child from behind-the-wire.

What I've learnt the hard-way is that a traumatic child-hood will affect your adult-hood & then in-turn your own children. Having survived my child-hood, addiction, mental health & prison I wanted to use my voice, experiences & passion to help other people like myself in The Opal Community.

I have struggled to write a huge resource for parents in prison and their children & youth. The resources goal is to inspire both the Opal parent and their children and to empower & educate themselves & of course to help entertain! I am also respectful of the huge diversity of faiths in the Opal Community & do my best to make it a place that is welcome to all.

My goal is to help empower Opal parents any-where in the world so that we can find & create solutions for ourselves to end the endless cycle of apathy, crime, addiction & hopelessness - so that our children can be set free of this cycle. Please read more on The Opal Place (

Thank you for your kindness

Use of funds

Your donation will help with: Promotion of The Opal Place, advice & help (editing costs, proof-reading, technology etc), translation of my resources into: Te Reo, Spanish etc & posting out laminated resources to 3rd world prisons.

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Guest Donor on 20 Jan 2020
Interesting idea and great work! Maybe you should register as a charity to take this further and encourage more donations!
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Private Donor on 08 Sep 2019
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Guest Donor on 07 Sep 2019
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Private Donor on 01 Sep 2019

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