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Wellington Torah Scroll

$24,345 of $50,000 goal

Given by 74 generous donors in 6 months

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We're raising funds for Wellington's very first NEW Torah scroll and giving you the opportunity to share in the mitzvah of writing a Torah.

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The Wellington Hebrew Congregation (the predecessor of the Wellington Jewish Community Centre) held its first service in the summer of 1843. Since then we have accumulated nearly 20 sifrei Torah. Some were brought to New Zealand by refugees and survivors of the Shoah. Others were sent to Wellington from the now defunct communities of Nelson, Palmerston North, Hastings. Dunedin, Hokitika and Timaru. Most are at least 100 years old. Of these scrolls only a few are currently in use and these require costly repairs from time to time.

We intend to acquire for Wellington it's very first new Sefer Torah and we would like to give you the opportunity to play a part in this reaching this ambitious goal.

We appeal to residents and expatriates now residing abroad to assist in this endeavour. We propose to raise funds for this project by giving donors the opportunity to acquire a part of this sacred scroll.

Participants can thus memorialize deceased parents and ancestors or honour family members and loved ones by dedicating a section of the new Torah to them.

These dedications will be recorded in a special book which will be affixed to the mantle of the scroll.

Your donation can dedicate the writing of an entire book (e.g. Genesis, Exodus etc.), a Sedra (e.g. your bar mitzvah portion), a column, a highlight (e.g. the 10 Commandments), a verse or even a single letter.

I am Martin Chait. This project is my final service to the community due to terminal cancer. Please give this request your immediate attention. The fulfilment of this cherished dream of a new Torah, will reward several years of endeavours.

I hope you will be part of this ancient tradition of Tzedaka, your Mitzvah of giving. Together we can supply an old community with a new sefer Torah, a gift of life.

Latest donations

  • Eva and Anya Chowen

    Eva and Anya Chowen on 20 Apr 2016


    In honour of our Zaida, Martin Chait, who started this project. We raised this money selling fresh lemonade on Seatoun beach and neighbourhood. And selling freshly squeezed orange juice at the riversdale beach farmers market. Zaida our great inspiration.


  • G and J Stone

    G and J Stone on 14 Apr 2016


    For writing of letters


  • Gillian Fliegner

    Gillian Fliegner on 07 Apr 2016


    In memory of my dear parents Rachel & Kurt Meisel who were dedicated members of the Wellington Jewish Community May they be truly blessed


  • Daniel Morris

    Daniel Morris on 24 Mar 2016



  • Prue Hyman

    Prue Hyman on 06 Mar 2016


    I was moved by Ernie's post of North and South column - have been to Dixon Street Deli so often and want to help honour Martin's last wishes


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The Wellington Jewish Community Centre is the focus of Jewish life in New Zealand's habour city capital. The Centre is home to Wellington’s 170 year old Orthodox Jewish congregation and many Jewish institutions such as a kindergarten, youth groups, the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, a Kosher Coop, and many social, cultural, and philanthropic groups and activities.

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“In loving memory of our parents, Linda and Ralph Wiseman, Mary Wiseman and Mabel & Charles Rosen.”
“In memory of my parents Alfred and Josefine Kohn”
“In memory of Michael Soloway of New York”
“In loving memory of my dear parents Abe and Grace Freeman, my brother Owen,dear Pearl Freeman, Aunty Minnie Meltzer and Aunty Lil Bookman”
“In loving memory of my grandparents, Issac and Lily Boock, and my parents, Ernest and Catherine Boock.”
“Your father meant the world to me, he showed me such a beautiful example of Love in Action”
“In honour of our beloved parents Harold and Anne Barnett (Glasgow) Dr. George and Phylis Krasner Brighton and Hove|. Always in our thoughts.”
“In memory of Martin Chait and his wonderful parting gift to Wellington's Jewish community .”
“In fond memory of Martin Chait and also in loving memory of my grandmother, Ilse Greenhill, who was one of the lucky ones to escape Austria after Hitler's occupation”
“This donation is in memory of my family members, Paul Solnik, Hettie Lewis, Joel Solnik and David Solnik”
$24,345 of $50,000 goal

Given by 74 generous donors in 6 months


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