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I Tim, I have cancer, I and not dying of cancer, I am LIVING with it! Come and see Tim's Journey and help me leave a legacy of AROHA.

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I've had the most radiation a human can survive, chemical poisoning (chemo) to the brink of death. I have loss of saliva and natural oral healing and hygiene through radiotherapy, and chronic hearing loss with tinnitus through chemotherapy. They won't remove my teeth because they think I won't survive surgery, (I don't think I’ll ever pash again lol). They’ve drilled a hole in my head because of an abscess on the brain. The list goes on. I have a tumor in my right ear now, the right side of my face is paralysed (Palsy), and I’m almost completely deaf. (Can still sing in tune most times lol) I suffer from depression and I am currently in Opotiki hospital due to the severe pain in my face and head, with no idea on when I may be going home.

I'm a bit of a 20 yr. old in a 70yr old body. To tell you the truth my biggest dis ease right now is POVERTY. The effects the cancer, tumors and treatments have had on my body have left it impossible for me to work and/or provide for my family. An unfortunate yet realistic truth is that part of my fundraising is to go to my impending funeral.

It has been hard living with cancer and not being able to work and earn. In these harsh realities I've had to plan for the real! So i hope to raise funds for my funeral, which is not cheap nowadays. That being said I have so many loving supporters who are constantly telling me, to use this fund to aid me in journey and comfort in this life. So for me the paradigms are one and the same! To live or to die , and I say TO LIVE! TO LOVE! Love and light to you all!

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Tim Ross

Bay of Plenty

My name is Timothy Ross. I am 36, a Maori born in the highlands of Greenlane, Auckland New Zealand, Aotearoa. I hail from the Far North, I hail from the East Coast, and I hail from the Bay of Plenty. I am a father of three and a librarian by trade although I am somewhat retired now.

I am living with cancer, and luckily my pain is not too intense that i can still lead a fairly normal life at present!

A lot of people have told me that I should have a GIVEALITTLE page, because of my cancer, as well as competing in HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI. People think I might win that too!

I find solace and healing in music and I love to play my instruments.

The list of effects the cancer has had on my body, soul and family is long and endless. Ultimately I cannot do the normal things a 36 year old man should be able to do, including work.

I know I am not the only one with cancer or the problems it presents. Everyone has a unique and relevant story. I don't propose mine is any sadder, or any worse. I am just seeking guidance and help down the road that has lost it's street lights.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Tim Ross.

  • $3,422.78 donated
  • 37 generous donors

$3,423 donated

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