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To help Tori's 21st Birthday Fairy Godmother to help get Tori the One Thing she really deserves to experience.

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Hello family and friends Its me again "Tori Reids 21st Birthday Fairy Godmother"

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME. My goshlyness its hard yakka these days being a Fairy Godmother. I did ask "Santa"😉if he wanted to swap but he said "Nah I'm good, don't really want to be a Fairy"

So let's get on with it shall we cause 9.40pm on 13th of January 2018 is fast approaching, 30 sleeps actually. Once you get to sleeps all the shudder cudda wuddas nedda be a duuna.

Now, I'm the 21st Birthday Fairy GODMOTHER right and Im pretty bloody Awsome but I have a wee bit of a problem. You see the old wave your magic wand around trick that those other Fairys do well its not really working for me and I have one last bit of magic to do.So for this one and only time IM GUNNA NEED YOUR HELP.

You see Tori has always wanted to go to, where I told her I was from. You guessed it DISNEYLAND so I'm really GUNNA NEED YOUR HELP.

Tori has been saving her money because she wants to pay for it herself because that's what grown ups do she told me, but its going to take her forever. So we had a chat, me Tori, Santa, Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and we came up with this Givealiitle page. Tori asks that instead of presents would you like to help her get to Disneyland. You know what, she really jolly well deserves to go.

The choice is yours, no amount is too small and no amount is too big its is completely up to you. Rest assured anything received from this page goes direct to Tori's bank account for Disneyland. And she will keep you informed of her progress.

That's it in a nut shell. Tori has just made her first adult decision. "Wow"

Way to go Tori, you always believed you could fly and you most definitely will. Me and Santa promise. Xxxxx

All donations will go direct to Tori for this one special reason. She will keep you up-to-date with her progress.

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Denise Reid


TorI is 20yrs old with Kabuki Syndrome. Life thus far has been really tuff for Tori both medically and physically and she didnt deserve that. But regardless she battled on, some obstacles she overcame, some shes still working on and some well they are round for life.Tori's 21st is coming up and as Tori is Special Needs she and her friends were excluded from attending the School Ball at the High School they attended. It was and still is very unfair on these special kids. They are people, they have feelings, they are important too. Or so you would think. Tori is now going to her School Ball on 13 January 2018 because her family that love her are recreating the School Ball for her in their back yard. Not easy but who cares. Our wish for Tori is that she to also gets to feel and be the "Cinderella" and we will make sure of it. On this night as she walks down the red carpet in her Vera Wang gown Tori will get to be the "Special One" not the "Special Needs One" But Tori also has a wish, her special dream that she has hoped for since she was little and that is to go to DISNEYLAND. There was a time when Tori was going to ask Shrek to take her to her Ball. He's not. To help make that happen for Tori we are here at Givealittle.

All funds raised benefit:

Tori Reid

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Denise Reid on behalf of Tori Reid.

  • $2,425.00 donated
  • 25 generous donors

$2,425 donated

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